Why winter is the best time to install artificial grass
Photo of a extremely muddy lawn in winter.

We get a lot of calls over winter wanting to know if we still do installations. Since we began over 25 years ago the answer has been and always will be YES! Not only yes, but we think winter is the best time for an artificial grass installation.



But why, do people spend a lot less time in their garden in winter: It is cold, goes dark early, and wet. We know it may seem odd that we think a cold wet and gloomy season is the best for this large garden job, but we do. We have reasons for this, however, so let’s take a look at why winter is the best time to install artificial grass.

Why is winter better?

Like everything, there are still pros and cons, but the pros win it for us. Let’s take a look into the good and bad of artificial grass in the winter. I think that you will be surprised and have your mind set on getting your new synthetic lawn this winter!


As we say there are more pros than cons, let’s get into them first

  1. Cheaper cost to you.

As most people think summer is the best time to lay artificial grass, we get fewer enquiries in the winter and have less demand. Therefore, we can lower our prices.

  1. Quicker turnaround.

Like the above mentioned, we are a lot quieter in the colder seasons. This means lead times are a lot shorter. As little as two weeks. Whereas in summer lead times can be as long as nine weeks.

  1. No missing out on your garden.

Picture this, it’s summer you have a few lovely warm days forecast, and you can’t wait to spend some quality time in your garden. You wake up to your garden unusable for a few days due to your garden getting done. Especially in the UK, we need to capitalise on all the good weather days we can get.

  1. Ready for the summer and warm ahead.

Similar to the above, having it done over winter, means you don’t have to worry about long lead times in summer making you miss out on your new garden for another year.

  1. If you have a dog or kids, a useable garden over winter.

Not for everyone, but if you have kids and especially dogs, your garden won’t get a winter off. With the cold and wet weather, your garden may become a bit of a swamp. Every time your dog goes to the toilet coming back in the house like in the below photo. This dog is usually a pristine white.

Muddy dog sat in a chair

To add, there is the same amount of maintenance to look after your artificial grass in winter as there is in summer.  However, a bit less hassle, as trees aren’t dropping seeds and fewer things may grow in your new artificial grass.



There is a lot less mess that will get on your lawn, just give it a sweep and ensure to clean up after your dog and you will be good. Once winter is done and we get into spring it’s a good time to get maintenance ready for the summer. 


Now let’s look at all the cons of artificial grass installation in winter

  1. If you lay it yourself there’s a good chance you’ll get cold, wet, and muddy.

If you plan to do the installation yourself, being winter time it’s going to be cold and wet. Therefore, it may be pretty uncomfortable for you and you will get covered in mud.


That’s it for the cons there may as well be none, especially if we are doing the installation for you. Our installers are well prepared for this weather so you don’t need to worry about them. That’s our job.

Conclusion - Winter is the best time!

I think it’s pretty safe to say, that winter is the best time to get artificial grass installed. If you have read the above and still aren’t convinced why not get in touch? We can talk a bit more about how getting your new lawn in winter will be the best garden decision you could make.

We have a great range of grasses to suit all needs. Luscious and realistic, to shorter stronger perfect for pets and children. Just take a look at all our products there will be something that suits you!