Why is artificial grass so popular in Dubai

DUBAISynthetic grass turf has been around in one form or another for about five decades now, but it has been quite slow to catch on in the UK.

Britons are becoming more open to artificial grass, but it is still nowhere near as popular as in certain places like the dry southern states of America and certain parts of the Middle East.

Dubai is one place where artificial grass is particularly popular because of its practical applications and luxury status amongst buyers.

A practical choice in arid conditions

One of the most obvious reasons for installing artificial grass in Dubai is the weather.

The most populous city in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai enjoys an average high temperature of around 41 degrees Celsius in the summer.

Sitting in what is essentially a desert – the city doesn’t get much rainfall either – so what water they do have is normally used for drinking instead of sprinkling.

Natural looking artificial grass is popular for some Dubaians because greenery is something of a rarity in the city. Other surfacing materials have drawbacks too. Stone blocks and patios have a tendency to bake in the desert sun and they get red hot if you step on them in bare feet.

Artificial grass as a luxury

Dubai is known to a lot of people as a city of status and in a lot of ways artificial grass fits in.

One of the primary uses for artificial grass in the United Arab Emirates is to help cover up unsightly concrete that can encircle outdoor swimming pools. Here artificial grass provides a tough non-slip surface.

Artificial grass is also becoming something of a luxury product in the UK. In Manchester alone, corporate elites like UKFast and Rentacars.com have made a point of incorporating artificial grass into the design of their office as a way of making them stand out from the crowd.

Although artificial grass comes with quite a high initial cost (comparable with new carpet), many are willing to pay it as a way of making their home or place of business that little bit more memorable.

Obviously for UK homeowners, artificial grass’s suitability for extremely hot weather is not much of a selling point. However, the surface has proved it’s toughness against other weather extremes like excess rainfall and snow.

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