Our Donation of Artificial Grass to Millie’s Garden

Helping Millie Enjoy The Outdoors with a Donation of Artificial Grass. 

When the doctors first diagnosed Millie with this unfortunate disease, they said it was unlikely that she would live past the age of five. So in an amazing set of circumstances, Millie is defying all the odds! Millie’s Garden was a cause that hit home for us at Cheshire Artificial Grass. If are donation of artificial grass can make a difference then there was no doubt in our decision.

Millie’s Garden is a fundraising project to help a young girl called Millie who suffers from the rare and incurable Lissencephaly. This is a brain disorder which unfortunately means that Millie can no longer walk or talk and has regular painful joint and muscle spasms.

Hydrotherapy sessions have been a saving grace throughout Millie’s life but as she is getting older, it is becoming increasingly difficult for her to attend sessions as she is often too unwell.

Her mother Debbie, began a fundraising journey with Millie to help fund a hydrotherapy pool for their garden. The whole project, although long and at times difficult, has seen Debbie raise enough money to build and almost complete the project. With her dream almost coming to life, the groundwork in the back garden just needed a few finishing touches.

With the back garden suffering from mud due to the amount of work that has taken place, we decided to donate some of our best artificial grass to ensure Millie’s garden gets the finishing touches it deserves. This also means access to the pool will be easier and safer for Millie.

52 Lives, who are a charity organisation, has been amazing in raising awareness for Millie’s situation and deserves great credit for the development of her special garden.

Her mother Debbie should be proud of her efforts and achievements and we must say, she is very inspiring figure to look up to.

We went to visit Debbie and Millie and had a tour of her garden… our artificial grass should make a huge difference to the area. To see how you can help Millie, visit Millie’s Page.




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