Try and spot our van in Cheshire

Cheshire Artificial Grass VanAs proud Cheshire Artificial Grass advocates, we’re proud to unveil our new ‘state of the art’ van being modeled next to the face of the company, Tim Collier.

The van itself has been modified by scientists to have the exact characteristics of artificial grass…

  • Maintenance Free – the van will never rust, fall apart or need a service.
  • ‘Springback’ suspension – The suspension has been designed to be like our exclusive ‘Springback’ Fibre Technology, visit our Evolution Of Artificial Grass to find out exactly what we’re talking about.
  • Pet friendly  – We all love pets, just take a look at our Pet Owners page to see how much we do. The van is welcome to all pets to run, roll and play on (obviously not when its moving).
  • Mud Free – That’s right, like artificial grass, this van will never be affected by mud! The mud simply cannot stick to this van due to the anti mud mechanism it had installed.

So whether you see our van driving through MacclesfieldCongletonWilmslowSale or other parts of Cheshire, give Tim a salute as he’s probably on his way to save a garden from evil mud forces!!!!

If you like the sound of our van features, I’m afraid scientists could only create one but don’t feel down, we can apply them all to your garden giving you an amazing looking lawn all year round. All you have to do, is contact us through the website or call us on 01625 860 601 for a friendly chat.

Cheshire Artificial Grass Van

Artificial Grass Van