How Artificial Grass can Enhance your Kennels

A number of kennels across the UK – and notably in Cheshire and the North-West area – have found the perfect use for artificial grass, using it to replace the pre-existing natural lawns in their premises.

Let’s face it – dogs have a somewhat complex relationship with natural grass – and this is a feeling that is not always reciprocated.  In other words, they love it… but it doesn’t necessarily love them back.

If you own a pooch, you will no doubt have had your own experience of this, whether in the local park or your own back garden.  You may, for instance, have realised one afternoon that your dog has dug up a hole in your lawn, presumably on some architectural mission to bury a precious bone, like a movie moment from Indiana Jones.  Or perhaps your dog has decided your garden is some kind of canine sports field, providing a track for their workouts until they have carved trenches into the lawn more suited to a scene from the Somme.

When you add the North-West’s rain to the equation, that can further create mud where there should be baize-perfect grass.  And then of course our beloved pets like nothing more than to transfer the contents of that ungodly mix onto your plush new living room carpet, as they charge back from the garden and visit every nook and cranny of the house.

In the park meanwhile, you may find your faithful hound suddenly and inextricably drawn to one particular patch of grass, fascinated beyond comprehension, rolling around and around on it as though it represented nature’s very own back scratcher.  Sometimes we can tell what is going on: you may well have recently shampooed the dog and they have taken great umbrage at smelling so deliciously fragrant, finding the scent (or regrettably, very often something more substantial) of another animal, and using it to give them an all over rub down in a kind of, how shall we put this, perfume de mal odour?  At other times there seems no reason at all.

Artificial Grass and Dog Urine

The other doggie use for natural grass is much more simple and prosaic, in that dogs like to see lawns as a kind of general latrine, for their doggie defecation.  This can have very real and long-lasting effects on natural grass.  As animals tend to like going in the same place, the urine can in those circumstances kill off the grass completely.

Now, imagine all those factors brought together but multiplied exponentially when transferred to the environment of a dog kennels, where there are packs of dogs and they all are hyper with the holiday vibe.  Whether just in for the day or signed up full board, with that concentration of canines in one place the consequences for natural lawns can be disastrous.

However, certain kennels have realised the full potential in replacing their lawns with Cheshire Artificial Grass. The benefits are as multiple as are the blades of grass in a Cheshire Artificial Grass lawn.  There are, of course, the usual benefits in terms of durability, aesthetic looks, year round weatherproof quality and easy upkeep (just think… you can hang the lawnmower up for good, or better yet, sell it on eBay!)  And of course artificial grass is perfect when it comes to the dogs, who will be unable to damage the lawn when those doggies do what doggies do: easy to pick up and dispose of their doggie deposits, easy to hose down, or let the North-wet rain do the job for you.

If this sounds perfect, let representatives from Cheshire Artificial Grass take up your muddy, soggy quagmire and replace it with new artificial grass.  At 35mm deep, the lawn will stay at a perfect height, with any water draining away via its drainage base.  And artificial grass is now so realistic, no one would even know, unless they looked up close.

Cheshire Artificial grass is the perfect, safe surface for dogs to stay and play – durable, functional and fantastic looking for any kennels.  Just because you own a kennel, it doesn’t mean your lawn has to go to the dogs!




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