The Artificial Grass Daily Mile Track
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What is an Artificial Grass Daily Mile Track?

With one in ten children being overweight, how can we as schools help to promote exercise in children and keep students healthy. It’s a tough one to answer, because at the end of the day this all depends on the parents. However, we can do our best to help the kids for the short time they are in school. We can start this off with a daily mile track… What is a daily mile track for? I hear you ask, well, ill tell you now.

The artificial grass daily mile track delivers an outdoor trail for all children to jog, run or walk the length of a mile, which takes on average 15 minutes, but let the children go at a pace comfortable to them. Weather that means 8 minutes or 20. Different from cross-country racing, the daily mile track isn’t intended to be competitive. However, a bit of friendly competition never hurt anyone, it also could help the kids push harder.

It is there to motivate children of all abilities to move at their own pace and enjoy physical activity. As an alternative to concentrating on winning the race, the emphasis is on being fit for life.  The daily mile track offers a specific zone for children to get active and healthy, at the same time as contributing to their mental and emotional wellbeing too.

The daily mile track is a mood enhancer for school children and can be used before, during and after school. It is recognised as improving attentiveness and behaviour in class. Once installed, the daily mile track requires no additional training for staff, or supplementary equipment and can be used frequently in all-weather, all year round.

Artificial Grass daily mile track

Benefits of an Artificial Grass Daily Mile Track

There are several great reasons to incorporate an artificial grass, daily mile track into your school outdoor play area. It can be a welcome addition to the school field, blending well with its neighbouring grass. or idle outside space can be transformed into a pathway.

The daily mile track inspires children to exercise daily, whilst boosting their Vitamin D levels from being outside. However, if the chosen route is made of concrete or tarmac, this runs the risk of scrapes, grazes and falls on a hard surface.

If natural grass were to be used, this would not be able to endure the rigours of daily use and would result in damage to natural grass, muddy chaos, expensive maintenance and dirty uniforms. Simply put, the daily mile track would be out of use most of the time due to the common and predictable British rainy weather.

An attractive and visually inspiring daily mile track made from high-quality, durable artificial grass provides a fun and safe pathway for children to complete their daily mile initiative, regardless of the weather. With the look and feel of natural grass, children can benefit from a softer surface landing, should they suffer from an unlucky tumble.

Its strong quality means that it can survive recurrent use, short of the risk of flooding and a muddy mess. A low maintenance, artificial grass, daily mile track offers a simple yet effective, striking addition to otherwise vacant school outdoor play areas.

Cheshire Artificial Grass aim to deliver excellent, tailor-made artificial grass, and daily mile tracks to suit school budgets and space. All our daily mile tracks are installed with the intention to advance physical fitness and emotional wellbeing in children, by offering an elected and safe pathway that can be accessed all year round. 

If you are looking to include a daily mile track in your school outdoor area, please get in touch with us for free expert advice and consultation. You can even expand the area and add white lines to create lanes so multiple students can run at once. Additionally, the use our coloured grass can be a fun and unique option.