Synthetic grass maintenance

The summer is quickly fading away.

The (sort of) sunshine has been replaced by falling leaves and pale skies.

Yes, the time for barbeques and cocktails in the garden has sadly come to an end. Fear not, because after reading this post you will be incredibly excited about some upcoming garden maintenance at the weekend.

Ok, we might have lied about maintenance being exciting, but there is a certain satisfaction to be had in purchasing some new tools for the garden.

Here’s everything you’ll need to keep your synthetic grass garden looking fresh the whole year round.

Low-maintenance artificial grass

Artificial grass is incredibly low maintenance, especially when you compare all of those long hours required to plant, scarify and mow natural grass.

That said, there are some important things you need to do to keep your artificial grass looking good . And the autumn is usually the best time to carry out this work.

Artificial grass sweeping

Sweeping or brushing your artificial grass might earn you a few funny looks from the neighbours but it’s an essential part of looking after your synthetic turf.

It’s important that you give your turf a few quick sweeps throughout the autumn. This will stop leaves and other organic matter building up and getting stuck in the cracks and crevices between grass fibres.

If you let dead leaves lie for too long then it will create the perfect conditions for moss to grow. So if moss was one of the reasons behind making the synthetic switch must make sure you get yourself a leaf sweeper ASAP.

There are lots of ‘leaf sweepers’ on the market but really all you need is a decent quality plastic rake or brush. Don’t be tempted to use a metal rake as this might damage your nice lawn.

And don’t be tempted to buy an expensive ‘premium’ rake which is ‘specially designed’ for artificial grass. Our customers say that standard brushes work just fine.

If you are used to using a leaf blower then that’s fine, but just be sure to give it a quick sweep as well to make sure no organic matter gets trapped between the fibres.

Glues, tapes and weed-proof turf membranes

If your artificial grass has come loose or been damaged in some way (this is a massive rarity if it’s been installed correctly) then it might not be worth calling out an expert to come and repair it.

Glues, tapes, weed-proof membranes, other fittings and extra sheets of artificial grass are always available from our artificial grass showroom near Chelford there will also be someone on hand who can show you how to fix any problems properly. We’re always happy to help.

Synthetic turf sport court maintenance equipment

If you are looking for maintenance equipment for a commercial setting like on an artificial grass tennis court or football pitch, then your equipment should be a bit more heavy duty.

You will of course have to regularly sweep the court and this goes double if you use silica sand or rubber beads as a top layer.

Groundskeepers will need to purchase either a hand-pulled or (if you are lucky) ATV powered sweeper to cover ground more quickly. There are speciality shops which cater for all sorts of commercial equipment like salt spreaders, line markers, water removers and de-icing chemicals.

If you would like us to recommend a commercial supplier close to you then please call Cheshire Artificial Grass on 01625 860 601. Alternatively, fill in the contact form and we will give you a call.