Say “hello” to your local artificial grass installers!
local artificial grass installers

Deciding to upscale your lawn is a big task – it also means that for a period of time, you’re going to have people coming and going from your garden. Therefore, you are going to want to make sure that not only is the job is done right, but you trust who you are inviting into your home. Here at Cheshire Artificial Grass, we understand that you’re going to want to know that your garden is in safe hands and also who it is you’ll be seeing day to day… So, we’ve put together a little introduction of who our artificial grass installers are.

Lets meet our installers

Meet Brett and Sam – Artificial grass, sports pitch, and landscaping specialists. 

Brett and Sam have been with us at Cheshire Artificial Grass for over 5 years now and let us tell you, they know what’s what. Brett has been in the business for upwards of 10 years and as such, has acquired a diverse skill set and can carry out a wide range of landscaping work including fencing, paving, and decking.  

It doesn’t stop there with this dynamic duo. Brett and Sam are also our sports pitch specialists! They work on installing sports pitches, MUGAs, and complete fencing and white line markings, as well as artificial grass installations. 

Their favourite grass? Kingsley 25mm. Why? It’s tough and hard-wearing. 

Meet Dave and Harry – Prestigious, artificial grass installers. 

Dave is another artificial grass veteran, working in the industry for over 10 years. He is our longest-serving installer and has been with Cheshire Artificial Grass from the start. Dave and Harry are meticulous, hard-working, and experts at all things artificial grass. Dave’s attention to detail is second to none and he tends to work on our most prestigious projects.

Harry is our youngest installer at 22, he hasn’t been with us long, but has made tremendous progress with his knowledge and skill under Dave. He is also a great character and seems genuinely happy with life and loves his job. You can always find him singing some random song from the 80’s.

Their favourite grass? Natural 42mm. Why? Looks the best and is easy to work with.  

Meet Dan and James – Artificial grass & sleeper installation specialists. 

Dan has been with us for nearly 5 years and when he started out was trained by Dave our most experienced artificial grass installer. If you’re wanting to have sleepers installed, there’s no one better than Dan and James for the job. For most installations that include having sleepers fitted alongside artificial grass, Dan has been the one taking on the task.  

James is one of the most high energy individuals you’ll meet. This does help making him a great installer for us, as he always  gets work done on time. James lives a pint after work.

Their favourite grass? Astbury 40mm. Why? Super soft and great to work with.

Ryan and Curtis – Brothers specialising in landscaping installations. 

These brothers work fantastically together. Ryan has been with us for nearly 3 years and also did his training with our most senior installer, Dave. He took to landscaping and artificial grass installation almost instantaneously and was quickly promoted to team leader. During this period, he brought his brother on board, and as such, the pair have become quite the workforce. Similarly, to Brett & Sam, Ryan & Curtis have a dynamic skill set and do great paving and landscaping work. 

In recent times, Ryan and Curtis have started up on their own ,and set up their own landscaping business based out of Congleton, called Potteries Artificial Grass and Landscaping. However, they still work with us on odd jobs roughly one week a month.

Their favourite grass? Delamere 30mm. Why? It looks the best and they love dark colours.

Local, friendly artificial grass installers to put your mind at ease. 

Trusting someone with your garden vision is a big deal, we’re here to tell you that we trust each one of our installers and between them, there are enough skills and experience to undertake any landscaping task that comes with installing artificial grass.  

We have a diverse range of artificial grasses that will give you the desired look, feel, and style of your new garden and the right people who have the experience and know how to get it done right.  

If you are looking for a friendly, local artificial grass installer we mostly cover the Northwest. Most of our work is carried out across Cheshire in areas like Wilmslow, Crewe, Chester, Warrington, Northwich, and Congleton. We also cover Manchester, Staffordshire, and Merseyside. 

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