How to save money on your artificial grass installation

I know that you are looking to get artificial grass for less, but don’t compromise too much as you may have to get it installed twice due to bad work. Sometimes using a premium company will turn out better in the long run. However, there are some ways you can get the hard work done by that premium company but still save on the bits that matter less.

How to save on your installation

There are a few amazing ways to save a lot on your artificial grass installation. Even though we then lose money, we would rather help you out and provide you with the information on saving yourself a pretty penny. So, let’s get saving!

Grass Choice

One of the largest factors is the grass you chose. In our range, our cheapest option is £18 per square meter, whereas our most expensive is £28 per square meter. That’s a big difference, so going with a cheaper option could save you a lot of money.

If we look at the average size of a garden in the UK being 30sqm, the difference in cost is exactly £300. So by going with a cheaper option, you can see how much money you’d be able to save.

Dig off yourself

It’s going to be hard work, but if you have the time and resources to dig off you are. You can save hours in labour costs. By bringing down the time we need to be on-site, we can heavily reduce the cost. For certain jobs, a dig-off may take a day, or even longer.

By taking this upon yourself, our installers will be able to come in and get straight on installing. Furthermore, you get a great workout too. For example, if your dig off was one day and you do it yourself, you could save you upwards of £500 along with the cost of waste, (assuming you have a cheap way to get rid of it).

New build? Ask for no soil to be laid

If you are in the process of purchasing a newly built house, you may have heard they come with nightmare gardens, or you may be set on artificial grass. If the house isn’t yet finished, you can speak to your agent, and ask them to leave the back garden with no grass. By doing this you save a lot of time on the dig off.

We may still need to take some matters out, but nowhere near as much saving are labourer’s time. That saving is then passed over to you. This method with new builds can save upwards of £400 (depending on the garden).

Change the size of your area

The size of the area is ultimately a big factor in how much your installation will cost you. If your area requires a join that is not only two pieces, but the join takes time too. If you say had a 4.5m area, you could bring it down to 4 m and add a planter (or something like that) This would save a lot of offcut wastage along with reducing the cost of your installation due to no need for a join and less artificial grass.

The edging

You won’t always have the choice in this, for instance, if your area curves you will need to use composite as it allows for a bend. However, if the edges are straight check on your quote, and if that is on composite. Ask for it to be changed to treated timber.

Timber will last a long time and is a much cheaper alternative to composite. This could be a good way to reduce the cost of your installation a little. Remember, all of the ways we mention in this blog put together could save over a thousand.

Sort your skip

This may not work in every case, and it won’t save much. However, if you can sort your own skip out cheaper than us. Or another way to dispose of the waste, by all means, you can do that. In some cases, we have seen clients save over £100 from sorting out their skip (or other means of disposal).

Conclusion – Let’s save you some money

Now that we have given you all these tips, getting your dream garden doesn’t seem that bad does it? Even with going for a premium company like ourselves. We hope we have helped you save so much money, and are excited to give you the garden you deserve. Get in touch today to start your garden project.