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Artificial Grass for Dogs and Pets

At Cheshire Artificial Grass, we specialise in finding artificial grass solutions in the North West for absolutely everybody and by everybody, we mean your pets too!

Pet Friendly Artificial Grass

Despite a lot of misconceptions, artificial grass and dogs go hand in hand. Well, any pet really, find it just as soft and enjoyable to walk, run and play on as we do. And the best part? Absolutely no mud in your garden and or home. Leaving your pets free to embrace the great outdoors without causing you loads of stress. With our durable artificial grass perfect for dogs, your pets can enjoy being outside, even on the coldest of days. Without the worry of them coming back in and making a mess.

So when it comes to pet friendly artificial grass, make Cheshire Artificial Grass should be your first port of call!

Minimal maintenance, maximum safety artificial grass for dogs

Unlike regular grass, our artificial grass for dogs and pets requires hardly any upkeep. There’s no stressing about your pets playing on sun-dried, hard surfaces or muddy lawns. You’ll also be happy to know that there are no frightful fertilisers or weed killers needed. Therefore no danger of exposing your pets to any harmful chemicals, and no risk of those unexpected dashes to the vets!

Need we say more? We can so we will!

Your lawn will no longer suffer from discolouring as artificial grass is unaffected by urine too – That means any mess left in the garden can be easily washed away, keeping your lawn looking perfect, all year round.

Here at Cheshire Artificial Grass, we love our pets, which is why we want to create products and spaces that are as safe and welcoming as possible. We also love our gardens too and don’t believe you should have to compromise on your dream lawn when it comes to your pets. With pet friendly artificial grass, you can enjoy peace of mind when it comes to your animals, while also enjoying a flawless garden area that you can be proud of all year round.

Artificial grass for pets Endorsed by Manchester and Cheshire Dogs Home

We’re so committed to providing safe outdoor environments for pets, that our efforts even caught the attention of The Manchester and Cheshire Dogs Home – who recently endorsed our artificial grass for dogs. After donating a large chunk of it to their shelter. Yes, completely FREE, to help them out!

The dogs immediately fell in love with how soft it felt on their paws and began enjoying the grass. Some of the abandoned dogs they receive have never walked outside before, and therefore need to exercise on softer ground to harden up their paw pads, which our grass was and still is perfect for.

This highlights the huge benefit that artificial grass can have for dogs, and puppies, particularly those in kennels and homes.

All of our artificial grass products are pet-friendly. In particular ‘Kingsley 25mm’ with a short pile and one of our most resilient products your pets are in safe hands. It is also PU-backed making it less absorbent so less chance of it smelling of urine.

So if you’re for the best fake grass for dog and pet-friendly artificial grass, give a member of our expert team a call today, or fill in the form below to discuss your options. Additionally checkout this blog about the perfect pet grasses.

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