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CAG Care - Artificial Grass Maintenance

Looking after your artificial Grass...

Artificial grass is a low maintenance alternative to real lawns, and although many people believe that artificial means no maintenance – that’s not entirely true. While thankfully not requiring any watering or mowing, even fake lawns need a little TLC from time to time!

Some ways your artificial lawn can start to lose its look:

  • Birds and other wildlife can drop seeds onto your lawn, which can embed themselves into the pile. These are called surface weeds, the roots go down into the grass until they hit the membrane, but then no further.
  • Loose leaves and debris fall onto the grass which, over time decompose and allow for moss to develop.
  • Muddy feet track dirt deep into the base of the grass which over time will build up.
  • Lack of brushing allows weeds and moss to root themselves into the grass.
  • North facing, shaded areas are more susceptible to moss as the dark, damper conditions allow it to fester and grow. 

Luckily, the experts at Cheshire Artificial Grass are on hand to help you take care of your beautiful artificial space. This allows you to keep it looking perfect for years to come, and maintain that ‘just installed’ look.



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    If you want to save your garden from looking like this...

    ...we recommend regular CAG Care visits to prolong, prevent and polish your lawn.


    Enjoy your artificial lawn for longer with our unique care package to keep your grass fresh, clean, and evergreen all year round. Over time, artificial lawns can deteriorate without proper care. Organic material can build up, creating an unpleasant and unsafe surface, that is impossible to enjoy. After all, it is low maintenance, not no maintenance.

    The CAG Care package includes:

    Clear Up – Leaf blow the area to clear all the loose debris on the surface.

    Health Check – This includes join, seam, and edging checks and any small repairs carried out. As well as, re-invigorating sand infills to alleviate drainage issues, (if required).

    Deep Clean – Mechanical power brush with the pile to unroot and remove organic debris and weeds that are deeper into the pile.

    Sanitisation – Spray with artificial grass antibacterial cleaner and de-odourise to clean and refresh the grass, so it is safe and hygienic.

    Revitalization – Power brush the cleaner into the artificial grass, to get deep into the grass as well as to revive the pile.

    Prevention – Apply with moss and weed inhibitor to prevent future build-up. This will help keep your lawn evergreen and ever clean!

    If you think your artificial grass could benefit from a little help from us, then give Cheshire Artificial Grass a call today and book your lawn maintenance appointment.

    The Benefits of THe CaG CARE Package

    Other than looking and feeling great all year round, regular CAG Care visits also:

    • Aids drainage, to keep your lawn useable, whatever the weather.
    • Prevents weeds taking hold in the grass, from the accumulation of organic matter.
    • Prevents moss from taking over the garden.
    • Keeps away bacteria that cause smells, so it’s safe and pleasant to use always all year round.
    • Reduces damage that may occur from everyday wear and tear.

    Take the time now to save yourself a lot more money later, after all, artificial grass isn’t just for the summer.

    Whether you chose are to maintain your artificial lawn yourself or, get the professionals in, like ourselves, to come and complete our CAG Care package the benefits are greater than just looking good. This package is a great way to reduce the amount of time that you would need to spend maintaining your artificial grass, due to the professional equipment and cleaners used. This will prevent the need for a tedious monthly care routine, as the CAG Care package is suitable for any time of the year.

    So, whether you are just after a spring clean or are having the outdoor event of the year, we can be there to spruce up your lawn before the guests arrive. After all, you tidy your house before you have people round, so why not you garden!

    How to look after your artificial grass

    Remove unwanted weeds

    Artificial grass is extraordinarily resistant to weeds and other annoying vegetation, but somehow, those pesky weeds can still crop up from time to time! If any mosses or weeds do manage to sneak through your artificial turf, then you should use a water-based weed killer just like you would on a regular lawn.

    When other organic materials such as sticks or leaves start to build up on your turf, it can interrupt your garden’s surface drainage. This organic matter should be periodically removed to stop water building up.

    Clean artificial grass stains

    Don’t worry if your artificial garden attracts stains, any stain can be safely cleaned up using warm water and washing up liquid. For stubborn stains you should use special cleaning products like mineral spirits to help maintain the integrity of your plastic turf.

    Artificial grass no-no’s

    •       Avoid exposing your surface to sharp items such as broken glass
    •       Avoid fire and other sources of heat, including bonfires, cigarette butts and fireworks
    •       Avoid dropping chewing gum
    •       Avoid parking cars on your artificial surface

    Follow these simple maintenance tips for an artificial garden that looks inviting and fresh the whole year round! For more tips and advice on how to care for your Cheshire Artificial Grass products after we’ve installed them visit our blog.

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