Railway Sleepers For Gardens

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We now offer Railway sleepers for gardens!

Wooden garden sleepers, commonly known as railway sleepers, were traditionally used to lay railway tracks on (which is where they get their name from) but are now they tend mainly used in gardens, adding lovely texture and dimension.


Using railway sleepers for garden purposes has never been easier! We use sawn pieces of timber that have been pressure treated to ensure they last, especially against dampness and rot and all of those nasty things that ruin the wood. When it comes to garden sleepers, you can use hardwood or softwood, which are primarily either pine or oak. Normally, the length of railway sleepers are around 2.4 meters long x 200mm high x 100mm wide and can be used to create all kinds of stunning features such as sleeper steps, railway sleeper beds, and split-level gardens.


They are a great option when it comes to boarding your artificial lawn, but are also valuable for a variety of landscaping designs. We love using them to retain walls, using them to create dimension in your gardens and even create natural-looking planters. Take a look through all of the intuitive ways artificial grass with sleepers can improve and modernise your garden space.

Photo of a sleeper retaining wall

Railway Sleeper Retaining Wall

Using railway sleeper retaining walls.

Have an area in your garden that’s a little higher? Then, sleepers could be a great way to go! You can use garden sleepers to retain the earth behind, while also adding a nice feature to your garden. Timber sleepers are helpful to keep structure in your garden without causing any disruption to your garden… or your neighbours!

Photo of a split level garden with sleepers.

Split Level Gardens With Sleepers

Using timber sleepers to accentuate your garden.

Do you have a sloped garden? We’ve been there, most gardens are not completely flat or level. A great use of timber sleepers is to help level out your garden by creating split levels. Whether you want to step up or down from paving or create two-tiered lawns, sleepers are the best solution. Garden sleepers can be installed mid-way through a sloped garden to split the garden levels, allowing you to create 2 flat areas at different levels, rather than having your entire garden on a slope.

Photo of garden steps with sleepers.

Garden Steps with sleepers

Level out your garden with sleeper steps.

You can use sleepers to create steps in gardens when you have different levels or slopes! Often if you have had to level out your garden, adding in steps can be an effective way to create access. On top of being effective, they are also aesthetically pleasing! Including wooden steps in your garden can lead to a more natural feel. You can build steps as part of sleeper features like splitting garden levels to provide a seamless transition to different parts of your garden.

Photo of artificial grass edged with railway sleepers.

Edging with Railway Sleepers

Finish off your artificial grass with a sleeper border.

Using sleepers around the boarder of your garden, or specific design areas adds a stunning finish! If you are designing a garden where the area is lower than your fence or walls it can look messy, sleepers can help clean this up and help structurally. Sleepers can provide a great edging restraint for an artificial grass installation, retaining the sub-base material, whilst also providing an aesthetically pleasing feature in the garden.

Photo of a raised sleeper bed.

Raised Sleeper beds/ planters

Use railway garden sleepers to create a natural raised planters.

Why not spruce up your borders by creating a space for plants? You can use sleepers to create a space that can be raised and filled to be used as planters. This can add an extra dimension to your garden and add more colour and flora! When installing artificial grass into a garden, raised planters can be a great way to provide you with a natural space to grow plants, whilst keeping the soil away from the artificial grass, keeping the whole area clean and mud free!

Sleepers can also be used to create bespoke, free-standing planter boxes that can be moved around your garden and even sit on top of artificial grass.

Photo of timber sleepers being used to level one section of this garden.

Timber railway Sleepers for anything

Railway sleepers are generally very helpful!

Using sleepers can aid in garden drainage by allowing you to build upwards, away from the water table, which is essential for good drainage! You can also use them discreetly to help hide the fact your garden might be on a slope, without having to add in steps or levelling. You can put sleepers at the front or back of an area and then build up/dig down to level off the garden.

Railway Sleeper Installers

Using sleepers in your garden may just be your answer to any landscaping hiccups you just couldn’t move past! Timber railway sleepers can be used in a diverse range of ways in your garden, to create contemporary features which complement artificial grass. We’re local and have installed many garden sleepers, both with artificial grass and without. If you think you may want sleepers or maybe just fancy a chat about how sleepers may be beneficial in your garden then get in touch!

We specialize in enhancing landscapes across Cheshire and Greater Manchester and the whole of the north-west, by expertly installing railway sleepers and artificial grass. Our services extend throughout the North West of England, ensuring stunning outdoor spaces for our clients.

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