Pumpkin Carving Competition
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Our Top 12 Spooky Carved Pumpkin Entries

When the werewolves howl and the phantoms prowl, Halloween was upon us but has passed for now. Until next year, we have to wait, so, for now, all we can do is look back on this year’s carved pumpkins and appreciate them.

To celebrate the spooky season, we hosted a competition to get everyone creating and distracted from everything going on in the world. The competition consisted of sending in a picture of the best-carved pumpkin you have done and get as many people as possible to vote for them.

We were overwhelmed by all the amazing entries and every one of them deserved a prize but unfortunately, there could only be one winner.

Although one lucky person won the treat of a sweet hamper, we did not want the other people’s pumpkin creations to go unseen! Also, we thought it might be helpful to get the sparks flowing for next year’s creepy bunch of orange creations.

Here are 12 carved pumpkin entries picked at random for you to enjoy:

1.  The Friendly Neighbourhood Pumpkin

This creative and compassionate pumpkin was designed considering the global pandemic and did its best to make it safe for kids to trick or treat. We enjoyed the thought that had gone into this pumpkin and the creators have gone the extra mile to keep life carrying on as normal as it can.

2.  The Spooky Clan

A spooky bunch of terrifying faces including some of our favourite characters, to make Halloween even more enjoyable. These are perfect examples of achieving creepy carved pumpkins and are a fantastic inspiration for your creations next year.

3.  The Tiny Trio

Who said you have to be scary? This tiny trio of adorable pumpkins is the best way to get your kids into the Allhallows Eve spirit. Carving their names or their favourite cute faces can ease them into the spooky years that follow.

4.  The Crazy Clown

It wouldn’t be a Halloween post with a crazy, creepy clown now, would it? This terrifying entry went the extra mile to scare with its painted on details. Bare in mind that you don’t just have to carve your pumpkin, adding things like colour, costumes and even other objects can be just as effective.

5.  The Floral Fancy

Give your pumpkin the glow up it deserves next Halloween with this unique approach. Fancy and floral, to allow those with an elegant mindset set to join in with the festivities. We loved its individuality and believe it would make a beautiful centrepiece for any celebration.

6.  Pumpkin Moana

“Moana, make way, make way!” Our favourite Disney chief has made it onto a pumpkin and we just love it. The talent and creativity that has gone into this design are outstanding and we couldn’t let it go unnoticed.

7.  The Little Pumpkin Home

Just a little pumpkin, living in his pumpkin house waiting for all the trick or treaters. This charming design stole our hearts and is a clever way of using up the little pumpkins leftover that no one thinks are useful.

8.  The Pumpkin King

“This is Halloween, this is Halloween, everyone hail to the Pumpkin King!”. This pumpkin design is a well-executed, classic. The recreation of Jack Skeleton is done by the many, but every year they get better!

9.  All Tied Up

Troubled and terrifying, this pumpkin has tried to stitch itself back up! This is an incredible idea to use string and blood to make it look like this pumpkin had made a mistake. We enjoyed its uniqueness and hope it inspires many more to do the same.

10.  The Frightful Foursome

Inspiration can come from anywhere and for this foursome it is clear to see what was on the carver’s mind. Film and TV show what possible creatures and monsters could lurk in the dark so, what better place to be your Halloween muse.

11.  What’s That Buzzing Noise?

Local and proud, this design shows off the very best of what the North-West stands for. The Manchester Bee, may not be scary but it is a symbol fit to go on your pumpkin. Excellently executed, you just can’t fault it.

12.  The Winner – Hannibal Lector

Cannibalism is a scary concept in any species but seeing it in pumpkin form is terrifying. Just look at that little pumpkins face. You can see why this entry, in particular, was the winner. It’s not just a spooky face carved into a pumpkin, the creator has thought out of the box to bring a scary concept to life and we just love it.

It was a pleasure and a privilege to host this competition and we hope this selection can inspire you next year.

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