White Artificial Grass

Pile Height

24 mm

Yarn Type/Shape

Texturised Monofillament

Mostly Used for

Sports areas, gyms and schools

Coloured Grass Product Specification

Explore our vibrant white 4G artificial grass, available . Perfect for sports schools or projects, like sled/sprint tracks in a gym.

Unleash your creativity with our white grass, as it can be used to form intricate shapes and images, making it an excellent choice for schools, businesses, and any project. It is also extremely durable, providing a lot of resistance to high-traffic spaces. 


Take a look at all these uses for White Artificial Grass:

White lines

Goal mouths

Decoration in playgrounds



Crazy golf





Under Christmas trees

Replicating snow

Children’s play areas

Retail displays

Reflects the sun keeps areas cool


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