Artificial chipping and driving mats

Pile Height

15mm + 20mm Rubberbase

Yarn Type/Shape

Nylon Knitted/ Propeller

Mostly Used for

Driving ranges, Tee off areas and chipping

Product Specification

Premium quality, perfect size, and extremely durable, manufactured with the strongest, nylon grass fibres. These are manufactured onto a 15mm EVA foam base with a hard rubber base layer in between to add weight, and stability to reduce slippage.

What else would you need out of a driving range mat? Oh yeah, holes on each side to place semi-permanent tees in, they have that too! 

Our artificial grass golf mats are perfect for homeowners who love golf and Driving Ranges alike. These mats are 1.5m x 1.5m fitting in driving bays perfectly to create a realistic training area for your patrons.

As for homeowners, these mats are lightweight so can easily be moved around your garden or personal golf to practice your swing.

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