EcoGrass Artificial Grass

Pile Height


Yarn Type/Shape

Mixed Yarn

Mostly Used for

Environmentally Conscious gardens

Product Specification

EcoGrass is a green solution for artificial lawns. It utilises a unique binding method which gives it the ability to be fully recycled, unlike traditional methods that use latex or P.U. By using this new process, we are able to maintain a high quality product, that is completely sustainable and environmentally friendly. EcoGrass is a 35mm pile height artificial grass, that uses a mix of diamond and C-shaped fibres in a variety of greens. This 100% recyclable artificial grass is the natural choice for gardens, as it’s an eco-friendly product that combines safety, comfort and durability. Perfect for the whole family… pets included. Joins should be cut out and removed before recycling artificial grass as the joining tape and glue section is not recyclable. 

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