Artificial White Lines

Pile Height


Yarn Type/Shape

C-Shape Fibres

Mostly Used for

Sports Pitches

Product Specification

Our 4G, non-infill artificial grass comes in white! We stock white, non-infill artificial grass, cut down into strips, perfect for use on sports pitches as white line markings. This robust, C-shape fibre grass is a variant of 4G artificial grass that is comprised of white fibres which can be used for line markings on sports pitches. Our synthetic white lines are 100mm wide and come up to 25m long.

Artificial Grass White lines | Perfect for Sport Line Markings


Artificial white lines can be joined into synthetic sports pitches to provide white-line markings for your desired sports. Our artificial grass white lines can be used to join into synthetic sports grass, as well as residential artificial grass of a similar pile height. Whether you are looking to create a sport-specific pitch, MUGA, or just a mini pitch in your garden, our multifunctional artificial grass white lines are ideally suited. 

If you are interested in a bespoke sports pitch or MUGA, complete with white line markings, click here for more details.

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