Artificial Grass Offcuts

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We have numerous different artificial grass offcuts and roll ends in stock that we sell at a discount! Most are end-of-rolls, older production batches, or discontinued products. Any offcuts purchased do not come with a guarantee, but that’s not to say they aren’t the same high-quality and UV-stabilized products as our standard artificial grass range.

Artificial Grass Offcuts, Roll Ends & Cheap stock


Prices vary depending on size but most of our artificial grass offcuts are heavily discounted. We can offer a further discount on some rolls which may have some imperfections or be slightly damaged. Due to the offcuts being a lucky dip, we cannot guarantee batch numbers so joining may not be possible. Most of the rolls are 4m or 2m wide and vary in length and are available for collection or delivery. All Offcuts, and roll ends of our artificial grass are non-refundable.

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