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At Cheshire Artificial Grass, we pride ourselves on providing premium products using only the highest quality materials, to create the perfect finish for your new space. So whether it’s an indoor or outdoor space – whatever the venue or objective, we have the ideal artificial turf for your project that will never let you down.

During our 25 years working within the industry, we have had the pleasure to collaborate with manufacturers across the world, to develop our own unique artificial turf range. We utilise the latest technologies in synthetic grass fibre structure and shapes to make our range of synthetic grass products at the forefront of the industry.

Our 3D-shaped yarns have a matt finish and a UV stabilising coating that looks realistic, whilst providing longevity to meet our 10-year guarantee. We are the only residential grass company to have our artificial turf tested to FIFA durability standards, all of which passed with ease!

Take a look at our products below and match yourself to the perfect artificial turf for your needs. Or for more information on the properties of our products and their suitability for your needs, get in touch with our expert team today.  

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How to Choose The Best Artificial Grass for you

Choosing the right artificial grass can be a daunting task. Here are a few key elements to bare in mind when making your decision:


The nature of the area massively impacts which synthetic grass is right for you. The answer to this can help you work out what pile height, fibre shape and backing. Here are a few recommendations based on common needs:

For Pets, we recommend a shorter pile height as well as a C-shaped fibre. The shorter pile will help with cleaning and upholding hygiene. As well as this, the C-shaped fibre will allow the grass to bounce back over hours and hours of playtime. The backing is open to your own choice however, studies suggest P.U. backing may be better as it doesn’t absorb as much liquid, which means less smells.

For Families, we recommend short to mid-length pile heights as well as C-shaped fibres. This combination will allow for the garden to withstand hours of garden activities with the children as well as keep that natural look. The C-shaped fibres are more durable and therefore will bounce back to keep your artificial turf looking new for longer.

For The Look, we recommend our longer pile height grasses and diamond-shaped fibres. When it comes down to just looking good you have more freedom to go with whatever you fancy. Longer piles tend to have a rustic look whereas, the diamond shape fibres are softer and give it a natural feel.


The look is just as important as the function, it’s part of the reason why you are thinking of choosing artificial grass. If the colours and finish of the Artificial Turf don’t blend in with the rest of the garden, it may start to look fake and out of place. Some key factors to consider to get the look just right for your garden:

Colour is crucial. Picking the right colour can be difficult, so we recommend getting some samples and putting these in your garden to see how the colour fits. Too vibrant and you run the risk of it looking too fake whereas, too dull and your garden loses its shine. A good tip is to pick a multi-tonal Synthetic Turf, this will help to blend and prevent that ‘fake’ look.

Pile Direction is important to make sure your synthetic turf is looking the best it can be. Whether it’s a front or a back garden. Take time to consider what direction your grass will be seen most. This will help you choose the right direction one. We recommend that the pile always faces towards where you are looking. This is due to a shine that appears when looking the other way, giving the lawn that fake look. For those situations where your garden can be looked at from multiple angles, artificial grass with a multidirectional fibre will reduce the chance of that shine and give you that perfect look from every angle.

Your Garden Features can impact which grass you choose. We always advise customers to take into consideration what their garden features add to the space and choose an artificial turf that will only enhance the feel you’re going for. For example, for a modern garden with mirroring and white walls, you may consider our Delamere because of its olive tones.

All our tips will help you make the right choice but don’t forget to choose one that you love, after all, it’s YOUR garden! We hope this advice helps and if you have any more questions contact our team of artificial grass experts.

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