Low Maintenance Flower Pot Ideas
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Low Maintenance Flower Plot Ideas to Complement Your Artificial Lawn

Are you an armchair gardener? Someone who admires beautiful gardens, but is willing to put as little effort in as possible to make their ideal garden become a reality. Does this sound familiar?
After spending several years wondering how you could give your garden that much-needed cosmetic enhancement, you opted for the most natural-looking, sprightly green artificial grass to cover your lawn (see previous post; Get Your Garden Ready for Spring).

Why you should compromise on your love for fresh flowers and plants just because your lawn is made of artificial grass? Fresh flowers are natural mood enhancers with their stunning colours and nostalgia-evoking floral scent. It is possible to have a garden with artificial grass and real flowers, working in harmony to complement your natural-looking (but artificial) lawn.

Below, we’ve highlighted our pick of perennials and fresh, low-maintenance flowers that give the garden that oomph, whilst requiring minimal effort.

Flowers to Plant in your Low Maintenance Garden

Be careful, these require little care

Here are some ideas for stunning flower plants for your garden to enhance its beauty. What is great is that they require little care. A perfect way to compliment your new, low maintenance lawn. Winner!

Perennial Plants

These are perfect because they die down in the winter and bloom in the spring/summer. So, your garden has the advantage of being colourful and vibrant without you having to put the effort in. These emerge year after year, making them reliable plants. I have listed a few of my favourite perennials.

Hardy Geranium (Geranium ‘Rozanne’)

These vibrant, violet/blue flowers are stunning, and require minimal effort. They flower continuously throughout May to September. Plant these along edges and borders whilst separating with stone

to keep your garden looking colourful, they don’t like soggy soil.

 Alternatively, if you do not have an allocated area for plants or don’t want a border, don’t worry these look gorgeous in a large planting pot, you can then move them around easily to find your favourite location.

Hardy Geraniums are;

  • Insect and pest resistant, so you won’t need to spray them with insecticide spray
  • Low growing – under 10 inches, therefore ideal for borders or even hanging baskets.


Okay so technically this isn’t a perennial plant, it’s more of a shrub but…not only is the fragrance fresh and attractive they are evergreen, perfect for hedges, borders or even planting pots. The purple, violet, even slightly pink colour is attractive to bees too. If you have pets, then lavender scent can be soothing for them and a great way to relieve stress.

Cowslips (Primula Veris)

“The cowslips tall her pensioners be; In their gold coats spots you see” (A Midsummer Night’s Dream)

I love Shakespeare and this plant is mentioned in Shakespeare 8 times!! It’s an old-fashioned wildflower; bright, sunny yellow coloured flowers that are lightly scented. The flowers bloom between March to May.  They grow to around 12 inches in height and attract bees, butterflies and moths, due to their nectar. They are hardy and thrive on dry soil. I think these look amazing in terracotta pots. Did I mention their edible too? Go on throw some on your salad.

Daffodil, Tulip and Lily bulbs

Daffodils, tulips and lilies are great for your garden as they are; attractive, bold and colourful. Whilst most people opt for these to be planted in borders, we think these would be ideal to plant in containers. They are large, showy flowers and will look stunning in containers that are easy to move around your artificial lawn. Instantly bringing vibrancy to your garden.

At Cheshire Artificial Grass we are dedicated to cosmetically enhancing the look of your garden. We offer various grass products to cater for your family (including your beloved pets) needs. For an expert consultation and advice please contact us.