Love Your Pet Day: Share your photo’s for a chance to win a £20 Pets at Home Giftcard

Boo Boo hanging out with her human
Boo Boo hanging out with her human

Pets give us love unconditionally every day of the year, but this Saturday is your opportunity to show your pet some love back.

Yes February 20th is officially Love Your Pet Day, and this year Cheshire Artificial Grass is celebrating by sharing photographs of the fluffiest, most huggable pets from around Cheshire on Facebook and Twitter.

We’re also giving one lucky pet the chance to get their paws on a £20 Pets at Home Giftcard.

Whether it’s a dog, cat, rabbit, goldfish or duck – send your pet photos to us via Twitter or Facebook and make sure you include your pet’s name.

We’ll choose our favourite picture next week and send the Giftcard in the post.

Artificial Grass for pets

Pets love Cheshire Artificial Grass. The spongy surface and flexible fibres are kind to sensitive paws. On sunny days, the ground warms up just enough to provide the perfect afternoon sleeping spot for cats and dogs.


Roxy the black Labrador loves spending time at the Cheshire Artificial Grass showroom.

IMG_2070Cheshire Artificial Grass is also good for pet owners. The surface is mud free, so you won’t have to wipe paws every time a pet comes back inside. The grass is also urine-resistant and won’t break out into horrible brown and yellow patches.

Get the perfect pet stomping ground form Cheshire Artificial Grass.

Call us on: 01625 860 601 and request your free sample of Springback Artificial Grass today.