Let the Real Life Selling Sunset Gardens Inspire your Own
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Get the Selling Sunset garden look…

Selling Sunset has spread like wildfire across the globe. It’s drama, it’s fashion, it’s insanely well designed homes and gardens that make us want to rip everything out and start again. Yes, the real life Selling Sunset is everything and more, but how do we get these perfectly manicured lawns for ourselves? Well, that perfectly manicured lawn is actually artificial grass

Photo of a garden featured in selling sunsets with loungers on artificial grass that surround a pool.
Courtesy of Selling Sunset on Netflix

We’re going to talk you through a few tips and tricks to help you bring the LA lifestyle to your back garden… Don’t worry, there will be some things in here that won’t break the bank if you’re on a budget. 

Zoning and texture are essential.

According to the Daily Mail “The archetypal Selling Sunset home is a sprawling contemporary property, opulent, open, surrounded by terraced gardens, a pool and a deck for outdoor dining…” If your home is not sprawling, opulent or open it doesn’t mean you can’t achieve the real life, Selling Sunset style design. Zoning your garden can give it a very modern feel, while also making it feel bigger and more thought out. Think, what do I use my garden for, what do I want to see and what do I want to hide? Creating zones for different activities such as eating, lounging, gyming can give your garden a luxury feel without running you dry.

Photo of a Selling Sunset garden with different areas for the pool, relaxing and dining.
Courtesy of Selling Sunset on Netflix

On this same thought, adding different textures can be a great way to invoke an expensive feel to your garden. Think paved and grass areas, with clean lines and designated purposes. These are all simple tricks you can do to create a more elegant and dramatic back garden.

Photo of Selling Sunset garden with patio flag that have artificial grass within the joins.
Courtesy of Selling Sunset on Netflix

Indoor/Outdoor living is what Selling Sunset designs are all about.

There is not a single house in the hills that does not have the sort after “indoor/outdoor living”. Of course, the weather in Southern California allows for such without the stress of random downpours of rain that can damage your outdoor furniture but that’s not to say that we don’t deserve outdoor living! After all, we do get a little bit of sun. Outdoor living gives you immediate Selling Sunset vibes when done right and can turn your outdoor space into a second living room – which is exactly how you need to think of it. The classic garden chair and table is not going to cut it here. Think outside sofas, egg chairs, futons, side tables… effectively you want to have a little living room outside. 

Photo of the real life Selling sunset garden with an outdoor kitchen and fire pit.
Courtesy of Selling Sunset on Netflix

To really get the real life Selling Sunset dream garden, you want this outdoor living space to be an extension of your home. Think about matching the styles of this space to what you already have going on, creating a flow from indoors to outdoors. If you already have doors leading on to your garden, great! Utilise them to lead you to your outdoor living space. If not, think about adding a path way to lead you to your outdoor living space, whatever works!

Photo of a Selling Sunset garden with indoor/outdoor kitchen and pool area.
Courtesy of Selling Sunset on Netflix

To save your precious outdoor living space from the rain, think about having a storage space to keep cushions dry, or even investing in furniture that has hidden storage.

On a budget? Think about up-cycling old pallets by painting them and adding lots of cushions! There’s no need to spend a fortune on your outdoor living, it just needs to be dressed right. 

A garden needs lighting, lighting and more lighting.

This is a big one! Outdoor lighting can be the difference between a good garden and a great one! And it’s probably one of the most accessible ways to spruce up your garden! There are so many options out there that this is something that can be done on a budget. We also recommended you have a few different sources of lighting. Think fairy lights strung above a deck to create a constant starry night, and uplighting on certain features so that they can be enjoyed day or night. Not only does this make your garden feel all the more opulent when your sat in it on a summers evening, it also makes it incredibly pretty to look at when your sat inside – and you can never underestimate the pride that will give you, after all, what’s the point in creating a Selling Sunset inspired lawn if it cannot always be enjoyed?

Photo of a Selling Sunset garden with hanging laight and underwater lighted pool.
Courtesy of Selling Sunset on Netflix

Other design “must have’s” to achieve that Selling Sunset garden…

  • Clean Lines – Clean lines give you a modern, airy feel to your space. Decking is often kept simple with neutral furniture to create a modern feel. Think block colours over patterns and modernist minimalism for an effortless, expensive feel. 
  • Loungers – Nothing is more LA than a stunning lounger. Investing in one or two contemporary and gorgeous loungers can really give your garden that real life Selling Sunset look. Nestle your lounger amongst some plants and throw on some soft furnishings to really elevate it to the next level.
  • Keep it neutral – Nothing says LA like neutral tones. Mix warm and cool tones to add a bit of contrast.
  • Fire Pits – A fire pit can be a great way to give your garden that Selling Sunset feel – But not on the artificial grass! It will melt. Instead, think of installing a decking with a fire pit, and surrounding your fire pit with outdoor loungewear. Or you could add a dining table will help to establish your indoor/outdoor living.

How artificial grass can get you that Selling Sunset garden look.

In real life, Selling Sunset is a lot of decking, a lot of pools, and a lot of views. It also has a lot of clean lines, minimalist modernism and peaceful serenity – which artificial grass can help you achieve! Adding tropical plants on top of your artificial grass can also help you achieve a view-like aspect to your garden. Artificial grass is a luxury – it’s minimal maintenance, clean and tidy, stunning all year round and can be styled well to most and all shapes.

Some products to consider if you’re looking to achieve the dreamy LA garden…

  • Delamere – 30mm pile height which is in an olive green colour, which allows it to complement most modern garden features as well as a pool. Its 30mm pile is mid length for those who want a freshly cut grass look but also has C-shaped fibres that spring back to keep it looking good no matter how much you walk on it. 
  • Astbury – 40mm pile height has a thick, dense pile grass which is super soft, perfect for bare feet walking. The best combination of style and substance which the whole family can enjoy. Its longer pile gives off that indulgent vibe that will make all guests jealous.
  • Natural – 42mm pile height grass is the longest and most natural looking artificial grass. It is multi directional with a mixture of fibre type and colours. Sitting at the top of our range, this grass just screams luxury. Perfect for those who like the idea of natural grass but don’t have time for it. 

If you’re looking to re-do your garden and would like to know more about artificial grass then get it touch!