Kid-friendly outdoor activities this summer

The recent sunny weather indicates that summer is just around the corner. And while some parents may be looking forward to a little sunshine, many more will be dreading the thought of having to entertain the kids all summer long.

More parents will be dreading the thought of their kids staring into a computer screen, or at the TV for weeks on end. It’s a sad truth that kids have been the most attracted to iPhones and tablets and video games consoles; they might be entertaining but they might not get a tan all summer!

Help children re-discover the garden

Fit, healthy and happy children are made outside. Children find excitement in the smallest things; the garden can be a wondrous place for your kids to discover, explore or even cause some good old-fashioned mischief – but you have to design your garden to fit their needs.

Child psychologists believe that if you want to get your kids to play outside you have to create a garden that will entice them.

Forget fancy rock gardens and ornate water features, your best bet is creating a safe and enjoyable outdoor space with lots of room to play and explore.

Check out our list of outdoor activities which might just get your kids excited about going outside again.

Get your kids into the Rugby World Cup

Just as football fever struck the nation last year, rugby fever will grip us all later this summer. You can get your kids into the spirit by teaching them the rugby basics.

Many parents believe rugby is dangerous, or else just too physical for their kids especially if they are still young. Tag rugby is a non-contact version of the sport which teaches kids the principles and rules of rugby but without the danger.

It’s also a great way of getting your kids excited about the sport. Professional coaches will tell you that kids who play tag rugby in primary school are far more likely to carry on in high school.

Artificial grass pitches are now being used by premiership rugby teams like the Saracens and Newcastle Falcons. They are safer and cleaner than regular pitches and the perfect choice for young rugby players (especially if you don’t want them to turn your garden into a mud bath).


Play with the family pet

Summer is a chance for your children to bond even closer with the family pet. The long days and nights give child and beast plenty of time to play together – and the sunny weather means that walkies are always on the cards.

Artificial grass also provides the perfect place to play for your animals. Installing artificial grass means that you can say goodbye to muddy paw prints and urine stained grass patches. Visit the pet owners section of our website for more information.

Build a treehouse

Treehouses are the ultimate playthings for young children. You can help your kids get on the property ladder early by building them their own personal palace in the sky.

Building a treehouse is also a chance for you to show off your carpentry skills as well as an opportunity to bond with your kids over a shared project.

Host your own children’s Glastonbury 

Are your kids budding musicians? Do they have the potential to play Glastonbury? You can make sure they are ready by hosting your own Glastonbury party at home.

Construct your own pyramid stage and invite friends and family over to see the kids sing, dance or strum their guitar.

Hosting this or any other party on artificial grass will not cause a fuss. Normally, you might be concerned that having so much foot traffic on your lawn might damage it – this is not the case with artificial turf.

Water fights

Summer is perfect time to have a water fight. On those excruciatingly warm days when it’s too hot to move, a water fight is the perfect thing to cool your kids down.

You can pick up a water gun for under £10 from Argos or Tesco and for this low amount you can ensure hours of enjoyment for your kids.

Again, artificial grass can help ensure a safe and clean water fight because artificial grass will not get muddy when wet. This means no more slip-ups and no more muddy gardens!

If you want advice on making the perfect garden space for your kids this summer then speak to a member of our team by calling 01625 837 694 or filling in the contact form and we will call you.

Artificial grass area with a wooden climbing frame on top