Is your garden ready for summer?

The sunny spells enjoyed over Cheshire in the summer time, provides some much welcome respite from the months of rain and snow. That lets be honest, is expected, but its still not nice. If your garden is anything like those which belong to many of our customers, then it is probably showing the effects of the recent poor weather.

A frosty cold and wet winter and a sopping spring have left many of Cheshire’s beautiful gardens looking more like muddy swamplands than lush green oases; and the more recent sunnier climate has, in many places, baked the mud into hardened desert land.

With summer just around the corner, Cheshire homeowners face a choice between weeks of work spent carefully manicuring and planting new natural grass, or opting for the smarter, more permanent, more cost-effective solution – installing artificial grass.

realistic fake grass

Summer-proof your garden

Summer is the time when we get the most enjoyment out of our gardens, but it’s also when our gardens take the biggest battering.

Whether your summers involve hosting garden parties or having every kid in the neighborhood over to play football, summer activities most definitely take their toll.

This rings especially true if your garden starts the summer in less than tip-top condition. We think we have found the answer to keeping your garden looking bright and appealing the whole year round.

Artificial grass is the solution to the muddy garden syndrome. If you are embarrassed to have friends over or don’t want pesky children messing up what’s left of your precious lawn, then artificial grass might be the product for you.

Our own blend of synthetic fibres is designed to mimic natural grass as closely as possible, while still being tough enough to be used all year round without damage.

A list of things which artificial grass is tough against:

  • Football
  • Cartwheels
  • Bikes
  • Fetch
  • Sunbathers
  • Drunken uncles

Have a maintenance-free summer

The other great thing about artificial turf is that it is absolutely maintenance-free. You will be able to say goodbye to hours of back-breaking work and say goodbye to whole chunks of the weekend spent mowing, weeding and watering.

Instead you’ll be able to put your feet up, grab an icy cold drink and toast the sunny weather. Here’s to the sunshine, and long may it continue!

Make sure your lawn is ready for summer by calling one of Cheshire Artificial Grass’ installation experts on 01625 837 694.