Interesting ways to use artificial grass offcuts
Wheel barrow full of artificial grass offcuts

The best ways to use offcuts

Whenever you get artificial installed or install it yourself, there is bound to be some amount of grass offcuts. We try to minimise this the best we can, but some are inevitable. We have written about ways to save offcuts. However in this post let’s take a look at ways these offcuts can be used so your hard earned money isn’t going to waste.

Fairway Mats

Here’s a niche idea, but if you’re a golfer or know someone who is, sharing your leftover artificial grass scraps can be a clever way to repurpose waste. To delve into the details of fairway mats: during winter, golf courses often prohibit players from hitting off the fairway to preserve the course. Consequently, golfers turn to fairway mats.

While some fairway mats boast a sturdy rubber backing for added stability, it’s not an absolute necessity. This is an excellent way to minimize waste. If you find yourself with excess scraps, consider crafting a batch and selling them on eBay, especially as the colder months approach.

Chemical Testing

For those with artificial grass, proper maintenance is key to longevity and aesthetic appeal. Additionally, weeds might sprout around the edges or within the grass due to bird-dropped seeds. To combat this, we suggest using weed killers.

While some are suitable for spraying directly on the grass, certain chemicals may harm or damage your artificial turf. To avoid mishaps, keep some offcuts for testing purposes. Apply the chemicals generously to the offcut to ensure they won’t harm your grass before widespread use.


Perhaps not for your front door, but consider placing one at the backdoor or in the shed if you have a sufficiently large offcut. Trimming it to size can create a practical doormat for wiping your feet before entering the house or shed.

This not only provides an additional purpose for the grass you’ve invested in but also helps keep your living spaces cleaner. While your new artificial lawn minimizes mud, other areas like plant beds, patios, or entry through the back gate may still introduce dirt.

Sell It

There’s a constant demand for affordable artificial grass, whether for dog homes or small projects. Whenever we have a small offcut or roll end, we list it on eBay and Facebook Marketplace for a quick sale – especially if it’s not a size suitable for our website.

Christmas Tree Offcuts

Artificial grass offcuts are great for putting underneath your Christmas tree as a mat or skirt. Cut down the piece to suit the size of your tree, around 1m x 1m should work for a standard-size tree. This can help finish off the aesthetic of your tree and help brighten up the room. you could even spray it with some fake snow without the worry of damaging your flooring and carpet. They can be great for catching the pine needles, and keeping your living room clean. you can then just roll it up and store it with your tree for next year. Here is an example of some Christmas tree mats.

Wrap Your Car (Just for Fun)

For a quirky twist, consider giving your car a unique look. Admittedly, this is a light hearted suggestion, but I’ve seen cars with artificial grass wraps cruising around. If you happen to own an older, less pristine vehicle, wrapping it in grass could add a touch of fun. Just remember, avoid wrapping the bonnet, as the engine’s heat may cause the grass to melt.

If you do decide to embark on this (at your own risk), share a photo with us on Instagram!