How to make your lawn child-proof

If you’re a keen gardener and a proud parent, you’ll know that it can be hard balancing the happiness of your kids with the healthiness of your lawn.

There’s nothing that kids love more than tearing around in the garden. Come rain or shine, they’re out there having fun and making a mess. And all at the expense of your prize winning primroses. And the hardest hit area of your garden is always the lawn.

Grass is a hardwearing plant, but your kids are more than a match. When they’re not wearing patches away by playing football, they’re digging holes looking for worms. But you’ll be glad to hear that there are a few tricks that can keep your kids happy and active, and your grass lush and green.

Lets keep your lawn clean

1) Keep it long

Grass is far more resistant when it’s a bit longer. If you keep your grass between half an inch and an inch longer than normal, it will stay healthier and resist wear and tear more easily. The ideal length depends on the variety of grass your lawn is grown from. The kids may find playing football is harder work, but your lawn will thank you. Plus it’s softer for all that rough and tumble kids enjoy. Of course, the trade-off is that it will never have that pristine look of a closely mown lawn.

2) Improve your soil

When it comes to a healthy lawn, it’s as much about what’s underneath as what’s on the surface. And the better quality your soil, the thicker and fuller your lawn. If you are thinking of replacing your turf, it’s a great time to check the quality of your topsoil. For the perfect lawn, you want a good sandy loam rather than thick clay based soil. The result is a healthy, hardy, virtually kid-proof lawn.

3) Wet but not too wet

The great British weather almost guarantees that your grass will stay hydrated 365 days a year. However, it’s worth making sure that you water it thoroughly several times a week. This is particularly important in the summer months when grass can wilt quickly under the harsh rays of the sun. To prevent quick evaporation, always make sure you do your watering in the evening. Just keep your fingers crossed that you don’t get a hosepipe ban!

4) Choose the right grass

There are many varieties of grass, so it’s important to choose the right one for your family lifestyle. If you are worried about wear and tear from little feat, give a hardier type like perennial ryegrass a go. It’s far better for play areas than the more traditional varieties, however, it may not look quite as good.

5) Think artificial

Far and away the most cost effective and aesthetically pleasing solution is artificial grass. A modern artificial lawn looks just as natural as the real thing, but without the weeds, mud and bear patches where the kids have been playing football. It’s as soft as real grass, so the kids will love rolling around on it. And when it rains, it’s not slippery, dries far quicker and doesn’t leave behind muddy patches to track through the house. There’s no watering, weeding or re-seeding and you enjoy a lush green lawn all year round.

And what could be better for a family garden?

Unsure whether artificial grass is right for your lawn? Check out our gallery and customer testimonials and see why fake grass could be the perfect solution for you!




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