How to dog-proof your garden

Your dog is your best friend, but sometimes it’s hard to remember that when they are causing a nuisance in your garden. Chewed up turf, dug out holes and urine-stained bare patches – dog owners are more than familiar with these garden mishaps. But having an unhappy garden isn’t foregone conclusion of dog ownership.Best grass for dogs

At Cheshire Artificial Grass, we think we’ve found the solution to this particular dog related headache – the dog-proof garden. Laying artificial turf in your garden means that you can let your dog out to play, safe in the knowledge that your garden won’t suffer.

The classic signs of garden dog damage

Dogs are naturally boisterous creatures and they love showing off how fast they can run or how deep they can dig. Unfortunately owners are normally less than impressed with the damage their rowdy antics can cause to regular grass.

Before long, the wear and tear from paws and teeth will add up and leave your garden looking barren. Luckily artificial grass is much tougher than its natural alternative so it can withstand lots of punishment without compromise.

Long-term dog owners will know that a dog’s ‘call of nature’ can end up ruining natural grass. The concentrated nitrogen present in dog urine and faeces can burn bare patches into turf very quickly, particularly if concentrated in one spot and particularly in winter time.

Artificial grass has no such problem. High quality artificial grass is permeable so urine will pass right through and prevent nasty smells hovering over your garden. Synthetic grass stays luscious-green all year long without the need for any maintenance. It’s the no hassle way to prevent muddy paw prints being dragged through your home.

Dogs love artificial grass too

Artificial grass provides a soft and enjoyable environment for dogs to run and play on all year round. What’s more, they always seem more than ready to ‘do their business’ on artificial grass (without the messy clean up). And because artificial grass is maintenance free, there is no need to use pesticides which could cause harm to your best friend.

Synthetic turf means no more ‘too-muddy to play days’ or unpleasant baths. Your dog will have his own personal play area, and you can rest easy knowing your dog, and garden is safe from harm.

To save on the costs of artificial grass, you don’t need to lay turf over your whole garden. You can just turf an area and create a pen around it to keep your dog in one place. Making a ‘dog-run’ in your garden, or in a boarding kennel, is a great way to give your dog its own personal haven at a small price.

To get a quote on creating your very own dog-proof garden, call our team on: 01625 837 694