How to choose the right artificial grass
Light and dark artificial grass comparison

Choosing the right grass for you essential

Knowing what artificial grass is right for you, is like choosing your favourite child. For most people, it’s a tough decision. However, with a bit more information, you can be confident you’ll make the right decision. In this post, we are going to look at the different characteristics of artificial grass and how to be confident in your decision.

We are going to cover things like fibres and what each fibre is best for as well as pile height and backing. Combining all of these, you will be able to make a more informed decision on your artificial grass choice and what grass is best for you.

Fibre type

There are many types of fibres that you can find in artificial grass. For example, we have 6 main grasses and across all of those, we have roughly 5 different types of artificial grass fibres. You have common ones like flat/diamond and C-shape. Then you have less common ones such as waffle, Z , U , Propeller, and many others.

With all that being said, what fibre is right for your needs, and why are there so many types?

Well, simply put the different fibres all come with different feels and strengths which makes them more or less suitable for different applications. Such as a “C-shaped” or most other letter shape fibres, are ideal for high traffic areas as they are designed to be stronger. Whereas “flat” or “diamond” is not as strong, but it feels a lot nicer and tends to be a bit cheaper due to an easier manufacturing method.

To learn more on the fibres, we have a dedicated post as there is way too much to cover here, so be sure to check out our artificial grass fibres blog.

Pile height

For most, the pile height is just down to your personal preference. Longer grasses tend to have a more realistic look to them, whereas the shorter ones tend to look more fake. You also may see additional cost with the longer grasses as it takes more material to create, but depending on wants on offer, this may also not be the case. The backing and shape also come affect the price. Shorter pile height grasses tend to be recommended for pet owners as its easier to keep clean compared to longer grasses. Our range of artificial grasses span from 25mm at the shortest all the way up to 42mm for our Natural looking grass.


There are multiple backing types for artificial grass, and companies are often developing new ones. When it comes to our range, we stick to the main 3 Latex, Polyurethane and plastic. Latex backing is the most widely used and the majority of artificial grass on the market are backed with latex. It’s said that as much as its used less, PU is probably the best for performance, this is due to having less water retention, and less people have allergies compared to latex. You also have the plastic which is used on our Eco friendly option as it makes the grass recyclable. Whereas other backings have to go straight in the skip and can’t be reused.


All residential grasses are green (you can have a colour if you want, but that’s not common in gardens). That’s not to say each grass has noticeable difference to them. It’s harder to tell on images, but come and visit us in Chelford and see for yourself, or fill in a contact for to get some samples sent out. In terms of performance and quality, the colour makes no difference, its just personal preference on what you think looks best.

It’s hard to see with all our grasses, but take a look  at the two below, our lightest and darkest options.


To summarise, there are definitely a lot of things to consider when it comes to artificial grass. No artificial grass is “best”, its what’s best for you and your needs. Because of that, we try to keep our range small, but diverse. We like to cover a lot of colour options, pile heights and fibres, making it so we have a grass available for everyone.

Additionally, our smaller range means our teams know the grasses inside out this helps to ensure each one is installed exactly how it should be. It also means our helpful staff can guide you to the best grass to suite your needs and answer any questions you have on our whole range.