How Much Does Artificial Grass Cost?
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A question on everyone’s mind; How much does artificial grass cost?

This may be the deciding factor for you, or maybe it’s your first port of call. Artificial grass is an investment, but it doesn’t have to be an expensive one. There are many ways to reduce your cost.

The cost of artificial grass depends on what you’re using it for… There are a few things to consider:

  1. The size and space of your garden or outdoor area.
  2. Whether you are just purchasing the artificial grass or whether you want it installed too.

In this article, we are going to look through the costs of supply and the supply & fit of artificial grass. As well as a few nifty tricks to help reduce the cost of artificial grass. 

Cost of Artificial Grass for Supply Only

All of our grass is of a high quality, and that is something we pride ourselves on! The price of each artificial turf product is determined by two things; the pile height and the type of fibre used. The aesthetic that you are going for may be influenced by these features, and so the price of the grass will increase or decrease depending on what it is you have in mind.

One thing you won’t need to worry about, however, is the grass looking low quality – even if the grass you buy from us is on the cheaper end, it is still manufactured to a high standard and will never look like a budget version that you may see in a mainstream penny-saver store. This is also why our prices start where they do! The product is high-end and looks like the real deal, so it’ll never be quite as low as it may be in B&M.

Based on our current grass range the price per square metre ranges from Oakmere 35mm at £21, to Natural 42mm £28.80 inc VAT. So, the price of revamping your garden will come down to the size of the area you would like to lay down some artificial turf. “It’s all relative!” – as they say.

In the same breath, we should also mention that if any additional accessories are needed, such as; edging, glue, tape, delivery, etc., then there are additional costs to consider. For the best, up to date prices, it is always best to get in touch with the office directly so we can help guide you in your garden re-vamp journey and how to achieve the best bang for your buck!

Photo of artificial grass rolls on a van.

Cost of Artificial Grass for For Supply & Fit

Installation changes the cost of investing in artificial grass quite a bit, as you can probably imagine. This is mainly because it is hard to give an accurate price of how much it would cost to install without doing a site survey. Every garden is different! And that means that every installation is different. There are many external factors to consider, and all of this contributes to the price.

Here are some of the things that may increase the price of installation costs;

Labour – Labour costs cover the manpower needed to complete the actual fitting of the artificial grass, as well as the removal of whatever is there already. For example, if there are tree stumps or if the grass is left over grown then this can increase the time on the project and therefore the price.

Aggregates – These are the MOT stone and Limestone grit which are used to create the porous base. How much you will need will depend on the size and shape of your garden.

Edging – Another important part of the grass fitting, and how much you will need will depend on the size of your garden. We do have different types such as treated timber and recycled composite. If your garden is curved it may cost more as you would need the recycled edging as it bends better.

Glue & Tape – If your garden width is longer than 4m wide, tape and glue will be added to join the grass pieces together, again adding to the overall cost.

Skip Hire – These come in a variety of sizes and we outsource these. Depending on how much there is to remove from your garden will determine the size of the skip needed.

Weed-proof Membrane – A crucial part of the artificial grass installation as this stops any pesky weeds coming up through the grass and ruining your lovely new artificial lawn.

Photo of a an artificial grass installation at the base work stage, feature an installer.

How to Get the Most Accurate Estimations

Here is a quick step by step guide of best practices that you can do to get the best cost estimate of installing your artificial lawn;

  1. Measure your garden as best you can; the size of your lawn will determine how much artificial grass you will need
  2. Take pictures! This helps us get an idea of the size, shape and any obstacles that may be present in your garden.
  3. Fill out this form or contact us and we will get back to you with a rough price for supply & fit in your garden.

Industry Top Tips on Reducing the Cost of Investing in Artificial Grass

We get it, it’s always nice to know you’re saving money where you can and we want to help you with that! While we can’t change the price of supply, we can give you a few industry insights on how to lower the cost of installation:

  • Get your own Skip – If you know somewhere and feel you can get a good offer, then it’s more than okay for you to supply your own skip. 
  • Clear the area/dig off yourself – This will help reduce the amount of time spent on the job which will reduce labour costs. This includes removing any trees, bushes, stones or patio. If that sounds like too much work. Simply by making sure that the area is clear of any rubble or objects, or making sure that the grass is cut right down will make it easier for the team to get started!
  • Going over the patio instead – If you are thinking about removing the patio stones but the cost is too much, pop the artificial grass over them instead. We are able to do this as a service. It reduces the cost by removing the need for aggregates and by reducing labour time.

Artificial grass can be expensive, but it doesn’t need to break the bank. You’ll also be saving money in the long run! There will be no need for watering, mowing, trimming, or weeding. Or any of the other costly things that go into garden maintenance. It’s a one-time purchase that is guaranteed to get you that perfect lawn. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can help you achieve your dream garden!

If you need to know more check out frequently asked questions page.