Get your garden ready for Spring!
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Get your garden ready for spring with Artificial Grass!

It’s difficult to imagine after the winter we’ve had that spring is about to make an appearance. With that being said, it is all about a little spring cleaning to give your garden that much needed boost that it deserves, out with the old and in with the new. Picture this; flowers in full bloom, birds tweeting and a lawn to make your neighbours green with envy!

Slight problem though, as mentally committed as you are, you do not have the time to dedicate to your garden to make it picturesque. So instead you put the idea of the perfect garden to the back of you mind. A dream waiting to come true. Between working full time, looking after the children and pets, that leaves little time to dedicate to family or to hobbies, let alone gardening.

But wait… gardening needn’t feel like a chore, below I have listed 4 simple ways to get your garden beaming and to put that spring in your step.

Steps to get the Garden Glowing

  1. Spring cleaning – this is my favourite time of the year, let me tell you why, you get to throw unused items that take up unnecessary space and look like an eyesore. Cleaning is therapeutic. It allows you to take advantage of the great outdoor weather, not only are you getting a healthy dose of vitamin d, but when you and your garden look good you feel good. See, ripple effect! Keep your garden broom, shears and garden waste bin at hand and start to sweep up all the leaves, trim bushes and cut off dying or deep branches. You could get the children to join in and make this a family bonding session.
  2. Problem – but my grass looks a bit meh…it doesn’t look sprightly green and fresh like my retired neighbour’s garden, instead, my grass looks dry and shrivelled with dead roots. Help me!
  • Solution – The way I see it is you have two different solutions;
  • The first solution is that unfortunately there is no shortcut or magic answer, the reason ‘the grass is greener on the other side is because your retired neighbour gives his grass the care and attention it demands. Dedicating hours, regardless of season or weather in a grass care maintenance programme. If this is what you want to do then great, see it as a hobby and you reap what you sew. Get stuck in and hard work pays off in the long run.
  • ‘But I don’t like waiting, I want immediate results and remember time is an issue?’ I do remember, and I have the perfect low maintenance solution for you. Fake it! How do you mean I hear you ask, slightly puzzled at what I have said? I mean enhance the look of your garden with artificial grass, the next best thing to the real deal. Not convinced? Let me persuade you why this is ideal for you. You have the instant benefit of enviable grass without putting all the hardwork and hours in. It is very low maintenance, weather and season proof so you have that gorgeous green lawn all year round. Also, you have the bonus of no more muddy shoes and the children and pets can enjoy it all year round.

But won’t it look fake?

This depends on the artificial grass you choose and the company you use to install your grass. At Cheshire Artificial Grass (CAG) we have a selection of natural-looking products to meet your garden needs and requirements, our expert installers have years of experience in the field and we offer a 10-year guarantee. Contact us for more information. And here is 3 more reasons why artificial grass and autumn, go together perfectly.

  1. Get some low maintenance plants and flowers. These can complement your perfect lawn and keep your garden looking gorgeous. Some ideas for low maintenance plants are;
  • These are perfectly low maintenance. You just have to plant them in moist soil. It is that simple, they will look after themselves until next spring.
  • One of the glorious things about spring is the scent of fresh bloom. Lavender is truly gorgeous with purple/blue flowers and an amazing scent. The great thing about them is that again all it requires is planting in a spot with good drainage.
  • When these are in sight you know that spring is here. Find a partly shaded spot to plant them in. These pretty white flowers are true to their name.
  1. Invest in Garden Furniture. You have finally been united with the garden of your dreams, get yourself out there and buy some great garden furniture to take in your surroundings. After the week you’ve had you need some time to relax.