Artificial Grass Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

Do you guarantee your installs?

Yes, all of our artificial grass and our installations come with a 10-year guarantee. That’s how much we believe in our products and services.

How do I know what grass is right for me?

Finding the perfect artificial grass for your needs is a completely personal choice. Factors such as foot traffic, pets, and your budget can significantly influence the ideal grass selection. If you’re uncertain about which option suits you best, don’t hesitate to contact us today at 01625 860 601. Our knowledgeable team will be delighted to provide guidance and direct you toward the best choice.

Alternatively, visit our show garden, which remains open 24/7. By exploring our range in person, you can better evaluate the options before making a decision. Furthermore, our office is open from Monday to Friday, between 8 AM and 5 PM, so come and visit us between them hours and have our expert staff help you out with your decision.

When can I visit your show garden?

Our show garden is accessible 24/7, with clear sign to show which grasses are which. So, whatever time you want to take a look you can, just remember that we are only in the office 8am – 5pm to answer any questions you might have. Find our show garden on the map or just type our address in to Google.

How does artificial grass drain?

Water simply drains through the grass. Each of our grasses have drainage holes in the back of them to aid in drainage. Our baseworks that we install also provide additional drainage for the area that the grass fitted. In some cases, we can even add extra drainage in your garden under the MOT stone to further aid drainage in your garden.

Do you supply samples?

Yes, we can supply samples free of charge for all of our grass range. We also do bring samples along to any site survey, which can be left with you. Just get in touch or fill out the sample form on our website and they will be at your door!

How can I pay?

We accept bank transfers and card payments (including AMEX and Mastercard). We also take cash. We currently don’t have finance options available.

What areas do you cover?

We cover the majority of the North-West including anywhere in Cheshire, most of Manchester, Staffordshire, and anywhere in between. If you aren’t sure, then get in touch and we will be able to tell you if we are able to get to you.

Do you sell offcuts?

Yes we do, it just all depends on what we have in. Our offcuts tend to be smaller than a 4m x 3m, in a variety of sizes below that. Just get in touch with the office to see what is available and we can go from there.

Artificial Grass FAQs

What does pile mean?

Pile refers to the individual grass fibres in artificial turf. It determines the length, shape, and direction of the fibres, which significantly affects the overall appearance and performance of the grass. Let’s further improve the explanation:

Example 1: In the case of a natural 42mm pile, the pile refers to the length of the grass fibres, which measures 42mm. This length provides a realistic and natural look, mimicking the appearance of real grass.

Example 2: Kingsley grass is designed with C-shaped pile fibres. The C shape provides added durability to the grass, allowing it to withstand heavy foot traffic and maintain its upright position for a longer period.

Pile direction is the way the fibres are facing. For the best results, you would typically want the pile to face towards you, as it gives a more visually appealing appearance with the grass fibres leaning slightly towards you.

On the other hand, a multi-directional pile means the fibres face all directions, resulting in a consistent appearance from every angle. This ensures that the grass maintains a uniform and natural look, regardless of the viewer’s perspective.

Why does my artificial grass have ripples in it?

Like a lot of things, artificial grass expands in heat and contracts in cold. This means that ripples can occur in some cases, but like our best-selling grass, this is completely natural. No need to worry your artificial grass is fine.

Do you offer striped grass?

No, none of the grasses in our grass range are striped. There is a possibility to achieve the effect by using a power brush, or by installing the grass in strips. This would mean changing the pile direction on each strip to make striped artificial grass.

What artificial grass is the best?

A commonly asked question and the answer is simple. Whichever YOU feel is right for YOU! Artificial grass is so advanced now, that there is such a wide variety of types available… and each one claims to be the best. It can also depend on what the area is mostly going to be used for.

High-traffic areas and pet owners are better with short, C-shaped fibre artificial grass. Whereas if it’s just to look at, longer, flat fibres will be just fine. But at the end of the day, you’re the one that will look at it so it’s all down to personal preference.

What’s the difference between 3g and 4g?

With 3G artificial grass pitches, it is required to complete a rubber and sand infill, as well as regular maintenance. Whereas, a 4G artificial grass pitch only requires a sand dressing to support the pile.

What material is the backing?

We have 3 types of backing across our range:

Kingsley- Polyurethane

Eco- Recycled plastic sealed with a recyclable glue (100% recyclable)

The rest- Latex


Read more about the difference between latex and PU!

What is the difference between the grass firbes

Our grass options offer a variety of pile fibres to suit your preferences. Among them are the C-shape W-shape and the diamond (or flat, or rectangle) shape fibre.

The C-shaped fibre is designed with precision to deliver an incredibly natural and lifelike appearance to your lawn. Its unique contour replicates the organic growth patterns found in real grass, giving your artificial turf a remarkably realistic look. The C-shaped fibre also contributes to the resilience and durability of the grass, ensuring it can withstand heavy foot traffic and maintain its form for an extended period.

On the other hand, the diamond (or flat, or rectangle) shape fibre introduces a distinct aesthetic to your landscape. This fibre style creates a uniform and even surface, simulating the appearance of a perfectly manicured natural lawn. With its sleek and consistent shape, the diamond (or flat, or rectangle) fibre offers an elegant and contemporary touch to your outdoor space.

The W-shaped fibre introduces another level of realism and resilience to your artificial grass. Its innovative design mimics the look of natural grass blades with its undulating, wave-like structure. This unique configuration provides a multi-dimensional appearance, giving your lawn a more textured and lifelike feel.

Our premium grass, aptly named “Natural,” surpasses expectations by combining the finest elements of all three fibres, a great appearance, an incredibly soft texture, and unparalleled durability. This exceptional blend ensures an artificial grass experience that not only mimics the natural look of real grass but also provides a great underfoot feel.

Installation FAQs

Do you offer finance options?

Unfortunately, this isn’t something we offer at the moment. It is something we may consider in the future.

Can artificial grass be laid on a slope?

The simple answer is yes.

Artificial grass can be laid on a slope. However, the orientation may not be ideal if there is a join as it would need to be laid horizontally, and with the join glue taking up to 24 hours to go off, the grass could slip down slightly if laid vertically. The grass can also twist on steeper slopes so generally the steeper the slope the less ideal for artificial grass. 

Do you install?

Yes, we have our very own teams of artificial grass experts! Our knowledgeable and professional installers have been fitting artificial grass for over 20 years! Well trained, to meet our high level of standards and provide you with your dream garden. Find out more about our installation process here.

What is the installation process?

Installations can vary garden to garden, however, here is an outline of how we do things. The turf comes off, edging goes on. Then MOT goes down and it gets whacked flat before adding a sand layer. After that, the weed membrane goes in, and finally, the grass gets installed and you are good to go. Find out more about our installation process here.

We also do recommend maintenance a couple of times a year and regular (ish) brushing from you to improve the look and life of your artificial lawn.

How long do installs take?

Install time depends on many factors. Such as; size, shape, current state, location, and many other factors. Get in touch to discuss yours.

How much does an install cost?

The cost all depends on a few things; Area access, size, the current state of the garden, location, and grass choice amongst other things. Get in touch and we can sort out a rough price guide or set up a site survey from our salesperson to give you an even more accurate quote.


How do I keep my grass looking fresh?

Keep the lawn clear of any surface debris such as leaves and twigs to help avoid moss growing. Brush the grass, this will help it look fuller for longer and get any dirt out of it, preventing moss growth.

Finally having maintenance a couple times a year will help with the look now and the longevity of your grass.

Does artificial grass fade?

Our artificial grass should not fade due to its UV protection. If it looks to be fading it may just need some TLC, we can even come and do it for you. We recommend maintenance a couple of times per year to keep your garden looking fresh and improve the grass’ longevity.

Does artificial grass flatten?

Over time, artificial grass will flatten. However, this isn’t permanent. You can use a garden brush on it to brush it upright. Alternatively, book yourself in for maintenance where we clean the lawn and power brush it back to life.

Can weeds grow in my artificial grass lawn?

They shouldn’t, we put down a thick weed membrane ensuring no weeds can come through from underneath. However, weeds can grow on the artificial grass surface if not looked after, which would require regular cleaning/pulling to keep it at bay. This can be done through our maintenance or you can do it yourself. We do recommend at least one maintenance a year to keep the grass looking amazing and last longer.

What products would you recommend for cleaning the artificial grass?

It’s simple, rinsing it down regularly, the occasional diluted disinfectant and a good stiff brushing every now and then will keep your lawn looking fresh. If it ever gets too much, we do offer a maintenance service where we will give your lawn a deep clean and make it look as good as when it was installed! Take a look at our page on it or get in touch, we would be happy to help.

You can use diluted, household disinfectant with warm water to clean the grass, we also sell an artificial grass cleaning product that is antibacterial and deodorising. Give it a good brush in and rinse it off and you should be good to go.

Does Cheshire Artificial Grass offer maintenance?

Yes, we offer maintenance packages for all artificial grass spaces (even if a competitor installed it). We will make your grass look brand new again. Get in touch today to start the process or read more about our maintenance.


Are your grasses pet friendly?

Yes, all our grasses are pet-friendly. There are no nasty toxic coatings and you don’t have to use any chemicals to keep your grass looking green. However, we do recommend shorter pile artificial lawns, as it’s easier to clean up after those adorable furry friends of ours. Go to our ‘Artificial Grass for Pets‘ page to find out more.

How do I clean up after my pets?

The same as your normal lawn. If there is any residue, you can use some washing up liquid and warm water to wipe it down.

Does dog wee/poo ruin the grass?

Over time you can get some smell come through, but if you keep on top of maintenance, your lawn should stay fresh for longer. You can also do your own maintenance in between our visits with soapy water and brushes.


Do you do supply only artificial grass?

Yes, we offer a supply-only service of artificial grass which, can be collected or delivered right to your door. We also sell a wide range of fitting accessories that you might need. So if it is for a job or even just your own garden, there is no need to shop around, as we have everything in one place. To find out more about what we have in stock, call or message on the form below

Should I put sand in my artificial grass?

A sand infill can help to support the pile of your artificial grass. However, if you have pets such as dogs, the sand in the grass can hold the urine and therefore hold a smell in the grass. 

How do I install artificial grass?

If you are installing the grass yourself, it is hard work, it’s even harder to type it. We recommend watching some YouTube videos on the installation process, to help showcase what you need to do for installing artificial grass in a standard garden.


Do you do a trade discount?

Yes, we do offer a trade discount. For landscapers and landscape companies.

Get in touch with us today to discuss the trade prices of our artificial grass.

Do you sell install accessories?

We can supply everything you need to install artificial grass. Get in touch to let us know what you need and get prices for it all. These can also be delivered or collected.

Payment can be by card or cash. We accept all major credit and debit cars (including MasterCard).

Can we get samples to show our customers?

Yes, we can supply samples free of charge for all of our grass range. We also do bring samples along to any site survey, which can be left with you. Just get in touch or fill out the sample form on our website and they will be at your door!


Does the putting green installation come with flags?

Yes, we provide flags for every hole you have. We can also provide replacement flags if needed.

Do hole covers come with the putting greens?

Yes, we have plastic caps to cover your holes if you don’t want the flags to be out. Using these covers will help the flags last for longer.

What does MUGA stand for?

MUGA stands for, Multi Use Games Area.

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