Who Wouldn’t Want an Artificial Grass Football Pitch?
Photo of an artificial grass football pitch installed into a vast garden.



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Football loving family decides to upgrade their vast garden with an artificial grass football pitch.  

This family from Macclesfield have been looking for a way to create a space for their kids to run around, play football, and generally just be kids. The garden was a large plot of land and whenever the children went out to play, they would just come back covered in mud. The standard British weather and all the slide tackles didn’t help. Whatever they ended up doing, they just wanted to make sure that the whole family could enjoy the space together. 

Photo of a large garden field with worn out grass

After much thought, they decided that an artificial grass football pitch would be the perfect solution. The whole family enjoyed playing and watching football, making it perfect to bring them all together. By using artificial turf, they could play football together as a family without having to worry about the weather outside—or even the mud! 

Photo of the rectangular base works for artificial grass.

Normally, when it comes to an artificial grass football pitch, we use a 3G or a 4G artificial grass. However, due to this being a residential garden, it wasn’t really needed. Our super-durable 30mm pile artificial grass, Delamere, was able to give the family exactly what they were looking for: a safe spot where their kids could run around and play football without having to worry about getting muddy or wet! This was a massive job for our team as we installed an incredible 264sqm of artificial turf to make sure the family had the most realistic artificial football pitch they could have. 

Photo of a large artificial grass football pitch.


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