What About Artificial Grass on a Slope?
Photo of a front garden close up with artificial grass.


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As time went on, a heavy lawn mower called for an installation of artificial grass on a slope. 

This elderly family in Holmes Chapel came to us to help reduce the maintenance of their front garden by converting it to artificial grass. It is well known that artificial grass takes very little time and effort to maintain, it’s one of it’s best qualities. But what is not as well known is that artificial grass can be installed on slopes and in awkward gardens, where garden maintenance is near enough impossible to complete.   

Photo of a sloped front garden with long untidy grass.

Their front garden was a raised area that ran alongside the pavement. As it wrapped around the house, it sloped down from the house to the brick wall where it then dropped. This layout made mowing the area very difficult. As the homeowners became less mobile the problem became more apparent, as they struggled to maintain the lawn without the ridiculously heavy lawnmower falling off the edge of the garden.  

Photo of a a front garden dug off and edged ready for artificial turf.

The family contacted our team and found that artificial grass was a fantastic, low maintenance solution to their problem. We installed 84sqm of our dense 40mm pile, Astbury artificial grass to the front and side gardens that surrounded the house. Our expert installation team were able use their wealth of experience to fit the artificial grass on a slope. They meticulously cut the grass around the rocks at the edge of the garden to give a realistic and clean finish around the perimeter. Making sure there was no way the neighbour could tell it was fake. 

Photo close up of the drop in the garden now cover in artificial grass.
Photo of artificial grass on a slope at the front of the house.

Got your own slopped garden? Get in touch to see how we can fit artificial on a slope.  



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