Walter Loves his Bed, but he Loves the Grass Even More!
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Our artificial grass is that cozy, you will want to snooze all day!

Our pets are important to us and ensuring that they love the outdoor space that we have, is a top priority. It allows them to get outside and play at any time of the day, without having to wait for walks. Not to mention a place they feel comfortable going to when they need to go. We have made sure that all our artificial grass in the range is pet-friendly to help you transform your garden however you like, so you and your pet can enjoy it!


This family in Northwich had slate down in their garden. Their dog, Walter, wasn’t a big fan and didn’t enjoy spending time on the slate. This left Walter with not that much space for him to play, sit and relax in the garden with the family. This is when the family starting to consider artificial grass as an alternative to keep with the low maintenance lifestyle, whilst also having a space that the dog can enjoy.


The family chose our Astbury: 40mm pile height artificial grass for its super soft and beautiful finish. The diamond shape fibres create a luxurious look with a comfortable feel that Walters little paws can sink into. It is that comfortable that Walter prefers snoozing on the grass over his own bed.

grass over dog bed

The busy garden now has a dedicated space for Walter, which compliments the already established feel of the area. The family loved it so much they gave us a glowing review on Facebook.

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