There’s Nothing Like Low Maintenance Artificial Grass
Photo of a low maintenance artificial grass garden.



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Low Maintenance

No more mowing, no more tending to weeds… that’s how low maintenance artificial grass is.  

When things become too much, the last thing you want to do is tend to your garden… especially in the colder months. To have a beautiful garden, you must take the time to prune and perfect all the individual aspects of it. This can be time consuming and most either don’t have the time, or struggle with the activities it entails. For this family from Macclesfield, they have a large front lawn with a variety of different plants and flowers, but the problem is that the grass gets very long and difficult to maintain. They wanted something that looked good but would require less maintenance than traditional lawns. A low maintenance artificial grass should just do the trick! 

Photo of the garden before with dead patches of grass.
Photo of the garden with the porous baseworks being installed ready for artificial turf.

They did their research and found out about Cheshire Artificial Grass’ luxury 40mm pile Alderley low maintenance artificial grass. Which has been installed in both private and commercial properties throughout the UK for over 20 years. The artificial grass looks so realistic that you can hardly tell which picture is before and which is after! The family were thrilled with how well the Alderley artificial lawn blended into their garden when installed by our team of professional installers; now they no longer have to worry about mowing or watering their front garden—it’s all taken care of! 

Photo of the garden with low maintenance artificial grass installed into it.
Photo of a front garden looking vibrant with artificial grass.

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