The Ultimate Dog Damaged Lawn Repair
Photo of a garden with artificial grass, composite decking and grey garden furniture.



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Their garden was ruined by their Boxer puppy. It was time to take it back by repairing the dog damaged lawn.  

Do you find yourself asking how do you repair a dog damaged lawn? Well, we have a simple and straightforward answer that has worked every time… Artificial Grass. It’s the closest product to look like real grass however, that’s pretty much all that is similar. Unlike the delicate natural grass, artificial turf is made up of a mixture of materials to make it wear-resistant and durable. Making it the right substitution to make, to keep your good-looking garden with a pet. Especially beneficial in the winter providing a cleaner space for your animals.

Photo of the garden with a patchy lawn, before the dog damage lawn repair.

The Williams family from Shavington were on the hunt for an answer to this very question when they came across our company. With their new addition to the family, Henri, the boisterous boxer puppy, they noticed that their garden wasn’t the same. Patches and holes began to appear everywhere, making the grass unrecognisable. Not only did it affect the look of their garden, but the functionality as well. Mud was constantly being brought into the house and on the newly installed composite decking.  

Photo of a garden with MOT stone and grit sand porous base works.

Our team of artificial grass experts installed 46sqm of our 30mm pile artificial grass, Delamere. Along with our refined, permeable base works that allows any liquid to pass through like a sieve. This combination is the perfect pet-friendly artificial grass installation, providing the ultimate dog damaged lawn repair money could buy. Now the whole family, and Henri can enjoy the garden without any patches or holes appearing.  

Photo of the garden from an aerial view after the dog damaged lawn repair
Photo of a garden with artificial grass and a boxer puppy sleeping

If you want a garden that you all can enjoy and have a happy dog like Henri, then contact our office today. Lets repair that dog damaged lawn!



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