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Family garden saved with an installation of a dog proof grass. 

Dogs are great, but they can be messy… especially in your garden. The lawn becomes patchy and holes throughout and mud ends up all over the place. This can amount from play time or toilet time. Dogs’ urine, particularly in females can be very strong which is due to the high levels of nitrogen in their pee. When this comes into contact with grass, it burns it. Leaving your lawn full of muddy spots.  

This family from Macclesfield were plagued with a patchy, dying lawn. Their dog’s urine had damaged the grass, it was full of bald spots where the dog had used its favourite places to do its business. From these bald spots, comes the mud! No matter what the weather is saying, our furry friend’s always find a way of getting mud everywhere. The patio becomes dirty and the garden on a whole looks a mess. The family needed a dog proof grass that would stand up to their dog’s playful nature and specific peeing places.  

The family had heard about artificial lawns and thought it was an interesting idea but had no idea how well it would work for them. They got in touch asking if we could come out and talk to them about installing artificial grass on their property. We were happy to meet with him and give him a quote for our dog proof grass… aka our Kingsley 25mm pile, artificial grass.  

The grass looks great, and it is holding up beautifully to their dog’s heavy use of the area.  

Are you in need of a dog proof grass in your garden? Contact our team of experts to see how we can help. 



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