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Luxury Artificial Grass Installation at The Spa at Carden

2020 was kicked off with the opening of The Spa at Carden Park. This popular, Cheshire destination has become the place to go for complete relaxation and recuperation. Our luxury artificial grass surrounds their beautiful garden space which features a vitality pool, hot tubs, fire pit, sauna, and 5 unique garden pods.

We are proud to say that we had the pleasure of working on the creation of this ultimate spa experience.

The Team Up

Firstly, a local building contractor won the contract a year ago, since then they had been working with The Spa at Carden Park to plan this new venture.

At the start of the project, we worked closely with the architects, who designed the outdoor area of the Spa to execute their vision. Within these designs was the idea to have artificial grass installed around the outside of the spa building and in and around the relaxation features. This is where we came in.

The customer wanted someone to assist in the technical design of the outdoor spaces and have vast experience in luxury artificial grass installations.

Cheshire Artificial Grass were chosen for our industry-leading experience and knowledge to help them with this prestigious project.

The Process

We worked closely with Rycroft Associates and the building contractors to execute our installation to the best of our ability and offer our insights and expertise and at every possible moment.

When it came to starting the installation, part of the base preparations had already completed. The building contractors dug up the area then filled and compacted it with MOT stone.

After that, we came in to install our flexible composite edging to the perimeter of the areas, allowing us to keep with the desired smooth curves on the design concept.

Finally, our expert installation teams then levelled sand over the areas, to provide a consistent, smooth surface for the grass. The customer chose our robust, hard wearing, UK-manufactured,  25mm pile artificial grass, which was installed into an area size of about 1300sqm. That’s a lot of grass!

“I wanted to thank you for the great job your team did and for all the hard work you put into the scheme, I am so glad I persisted in pushing to use your company, as I think that the lawns look terrific!” Rycroft Associates

The Benefits for The Spa at Carden

Artificial grass comes with many benefits, especially for a big busy establishment like The Spa at Carden Park. Here are just some of the benefits artificial grass will have for The Spa at Carden Park:

  • It’s low maintenance. They won’t need to be getting the many gardeners out to tend to this lawn.
  • It’s usable in all weathers. For a business that is open all year round, this will allow consumers to use the garden extension whatever the weather.
  • Little to no mess. Natural grass is a natural product and needs soil to grow, whereas artificial grass doesn’t. There will be no muddy footprints going in and out of the spa with this install.
  • More sanitary. A cleaner alternative to natural grass. There are fewer bits and bobs that can be transferred in and out of the spa facilities.
  • It’s always green. Adds to the beautiful backdrop that surrounds the spa and never loses its colour.


Our team at Cheshire Artificial Grass has worked on all kinds of projects in Cheshire, over our 25 years of experience! If you’re looking to transform an area of your own, then feel free to get in touch and put our expertise to use.



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