The Dogs Loved it Just As Much As We Do.

Dogs garden completed with artificial grass.



Grass Choice


Area Size


Main Reason for AG


You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, and in all fairness, we didn’t want to change!

The move from the old house to the new one was very exciting for this family from Northwich. However, they couldn’t help but feel something was missing. The previous house had artificial grass installed into the garden, they loved it and was a little bit gutted to find the new home didn’t. They have dogs and found it was perfect for them, there was less hassle and they had a perfect looking lawn all year round for them to go crazy on. That’s when they got in touch with us to discuss how we could bring that into their new garden.

After consultations with our team over Facebook and that all-important site survey, the family chose our 40mm pile grass option, Astbury. This super soft and super thick grass was just what the family was looking for. Pet-friendly and picturesque, their new home was complete, and they were excited to make some memories in their new surroundings. Even got a round of a paws from the lovely dogs, the new lawn was just as good as the old.

Get a garden that suits both your and your dog’s needs with artificial grass. Contact our team today to find out how.