The Bigger the Puppy, the Bigger the Problems.
Photo of a puppy and family friendly garden with artificial grass installed



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Our Great Dane Puppy absolutely ruined our garden, it was time for a solution! 

As many families, this family from Cuddington decided to get a new puppy in lockdown but not just any puppy… a Great Dane puppy! We know what you’re thinking: “Great Danes are supposed to be gentle giants.” And we aren’t saying this isn’t true. We’ve all seen those adorable videos of Great Danes snuggling with babies and bunnies, and they’re heart-warming. However, if you like this family have a puppy that’s growing into one of those sweet big dogs, then we have some bad news for you: your garden is probably going to be destroyed. 

Photo of a garden destroyed by a Great dane puppy

That’s right—we may as well just come out and say it: if you have a Great Dane puppy, then your garden is probably going to become a mud pit. And that’s not because your dog isn’t perfect (because they are). It’s because they’re growing! They’ll likely start digging holes in the dirt, turning your pretty flower beds into barren patches of mud. Making the garden unusable and possibly dangerous for the little ones to play in.

Photo of the basework that goes under artificial grass in this residential garden

Our Eaton artificial grass provided a perfect compromise. The 35mm pile height allows easy cleaning up after the dog yet, perfectly comfortable for the rest of the family to play on! The tri colour yarn also gives it a realistic effect to any installation, making it a perfect lawn replacement. This family now have no worries allowing both the puppy and their children enjoy the space. Making it a perfect playground all year round.  

Photo of a puppy and family friendly garden with artificial grass installed

Does your puppy destroy your garden? If so, get in touch today! 



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