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Photo of a dog playing on the best fake grass for dogs.



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If you’re looking for a fake grass for your dogs, then look no further than our 25mm pile Rode.  

When it comes to our four-legged furry friends, we want nothing but the BEST for them. The best food, the best toys and most importantly, the best cuddles. Here at Cheshire Artificial Grass we are massive dog lovers (well, all pets really) and because of this have sourced the best fake grass for dogs. We want to help families have incredibly pristine gardens, that are a safe haven for the whole family… including the dog! 

Photo of a garden with worn out lawn.

This family’s lawn had seen better days, their entire back yard was starting to look pretty sad… especially under the tree. When it rained, their dog would get muddy and dirty. They needed a solution that would solve these problems and keep their pet clean and happy. That’s when they came across our Kingsley 25mm pile fake grass for dogs. Design with your pet in mind. Its short, C-shaped fibres made it perfect for play and zoomies. This is because the structure of the fibres would bounce back after being used. Giving the lawn that freshly installed look, no matter what. 

Photo of a garden having base works completed for artificial turf.

Now, when it rains, the family and their dog can play on the lawn without getting covered in mud. And when it doesn’t rain? Well, there’s no more need for water, and no need to mow anymore either! Just more time spent enjoying the outdoors together. It was an absolute pleasure to work on this garden and see the difference it has made to the family’s lifestyle. Fun fact; our Kingsley grass is certified by Cheshire Dogs Home—I reckon it’s a paw’s up from this dog too! 

Photo of a garden with the best fake grass for dogs installed.
Photo of a dog sat on artificial grass in a medium sized garden.

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