The Best Artificial Putting Green… EVER!
Photo of a 9 hole garden putting green going down the side of the house.



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They never knew they wanted an artificial putting green until now.  

We got a call from a family in Prestbury who wanted to have an area at the front of their house tidying up. The space was small, messy, and needed some TLC. On their initial enquiry with the office, we got the family booked in for that all important site survey to see how we could help.  

Photo of small front garden that is run down.
Photo of the garden down the side of the house with dead patchy grass.

After talking to our expert advisor and seeing some of our incredible garden putting greens online, they decided to embark on a slightly larger project. After all, this family like to spend time together and entertain friends. It’s no secret that golf is a terrific way to spend time with your friend & family, and this family in Prestbury was about to find that out first-hand.

Photo of the front gardens where the artificial putting green starts.
Photo of the artificial putting green going down the side of the house.

The family decided to create their own artificial putting green that surrounds the house. Our team installers fitted a massive 155sqm of our 14mm pile height golf grass and additional artificial grass for the fringe to create a 9-hole putting green course for their family. This was by far the best artificial putting green we have completed in someone’s garden, the ULTIMATE garden putting green. Now the family can have neverending hours of fun to be had practicing putting and playing with friends. 

Photo of a front garden putting green.
Photo of how artificial grass putting green goes into the back garden against their normal grass.

Are you looking at having your very own garden putting green? Contact our team of experts to see how we can make this happen.  



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