Super Safe For Our Kids: Shockpad Artificial Grass Underlay
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Shockpad artificial grass underlay saved our adventurous kids from too many injuries. 

So, you’ve got a beautiful garden that is starting to get worn out by hours upon hours of playtime. It’s not a surprise that this can take its toll on your garden, with mud patches appearing all over the place. Not only does this create more mess, but it also increases the chances of injury when playing. Your children come back in the house exhausted, injured and covered in mud! Kids will be kids though; they don’t mind mud and definitely don’t understand how much time it takes to clean up. Our artificial lawns will make mess 10x less likely and with a shockpad artificial grass underlay, 10x safer for your children.  

That’s exactly what this family from Macclesfield needed. Their garden was well equipped for their growing children. They had a big space for them to run around and play as well as a climbing frame. The climbing frame was rather high, and the parents worried about possible injuries their children might get. Their mission was to create a safe garden where the kids could play out to their hearts content. That’s when they came across Cheshire Artificial Grass. 

We installed our Kingsley 25mm pile artificial lawn. The short pile and c-shaped fibres give the grass the ability to bounce back. This means no matter how much the children are out there playing, the grass will look as good as new. Due to the family having climbing equipment with a fall risk, our shockpad artificial grass underlay was installed. This is to reduce the risk of injury from falls as well as create a softer, springier surface for the kids to play on.  

If you want to make sure your kids have a safe place to play. Well, we’re here to help. 



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