Say Goodbye to the Lawn Mower and Hello to Time.
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It became a chore that no one could do but now we have an ever-green view.

Ever feel like you’re losing a battle against your grass? Well, this family in Chester found their lawn mower becoming an increasing difficult task. From discoloured patches to dead areas of grass, nothing was restoring their lawn as they desired it to be when they look out of their window.


With gardening becoming a chore, the family wanted to fall back in love with their garden. They longed for an ever-green lawn that their dog could play on all day long. Artificial grass seemed like the only solution to satisfy all their wants.


An installation of our Astbury, 40mm pile grass saw the garden get transformed into what they had only dreamed of. It has created a luscious, relaxing space with extended borders around the grass, so the family could fall back in love with gardening by doing the fun parts. This made plenty of space for new plants – the perfect mixture of gardening and low maintenance.

Our 55sqm of our Astbury artificial grass was installed to create a soft uniformed finish to the lawn, meaning the family never had to plug the lawn mower in again and that it was always ready to give the dog ultimate comfort under their paws. It’s a win-win all round!


Is your lawn lacking that ever-green look? If so, get in touch today so we can give your garden the transformation you want!



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