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Our north-facing lawn didn’t get enough sun to grow so we got a realistic fake grass in its place.  

We all know the science, right? Plants need sunlight to create their food and grow. This is the same for grass. If a lawn is constantly in the shade, its 10x more likely to see mud patches from little to no growth throughout the year. Not only doesn’t the garden not look as it should, but it also is impractical in the colder and wetter months. This is where a realistic fake grass would come in handy.  

We recently installed a new Oakmere 35mm pile artificial grass in the north facing back garden of this family in Altrincham. Their lawn before was very muddy due to lack of light… now it looks perfect, with a realistic fake grass that feels great underfoot. They are delighted with their new lawn and say it has transformed the garden into an extension of their home rather than an outside space that gets too muddy during the winter months. 

Oakmere is a high quality, realistic fake grass that will keep the family’s garden looking green and pristine all year round. There is no need for the family to worry about the shade as we promise this grass will never fade.  

Interested in what makes our fake grass so realistic? Take a look here.  



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