Poor Drainage Left This Family Trapped Inside

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Drainage Problems Made Our Garden Unusable and Unsuitable for Our Family.

Nothing is as sporadic as the British weather, its either super sunny or torrential rain. This can reveal some severe problems with our gardens. The most frequent problem that we find is that water tends to sit on our lawns, making it impossible to use it until those sunny rays dry it out. There are many reasons for poor drainage such as, the soil being too compacted or even the wrong type of soil being too close to the surface.  

waterlogged garden

This family’s garden in Crewe, had terrible drainage which was preventing them from using it. With two children, and a new puppy on the way it was important to get the garden drainage sorted, so that they can have hours of fun in the sun. They had a look around to see what viable options were available and decided on artificial grass because of the porous base works. Our unique base works are made up by layering MOT stone and limestone grit which allows for water to pass though easily. After a consultation with our sales team, the family decided on using Cheshire Artificial Grass. In particular, our 30mm pile, Delamere grass option. This is a very practical artificial grass to have with kids and dogs due to its durable nature, it can withstand many hours of use, keeping its “just installed” look for longer.  

Drainage fixed with artificial grass

However, the grass was not the only part of this installation, the drainage was the main problem. To add additional drainage to the porous base works, we put in a herringbone drain system which will aid the flow of water and prevent pooling. Giving the family their garden back, but this time free from a soggy, muddy lawn and with the opportunity to make memories whenever they like.  

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