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Artificial grass can last for many years

However, depending on the quality of the installation it may need replacing after a while. This family from Congleton moved into their house about a year ago, which already had an artificial lawn installed into the garden. The grass had become tired and flat, the edging had started to rot and show, and the family just didn’t like looking upon their garden. Our team help advised on what was best, and the decision was made for a full artificial grass replacement.

The family was keen to improve the longevity of their artificial grass installation and chose to go with our new and unique composite edging which would last longer than the timber edging that was there before. As well as the lifespan, the look was just as important for them. That is why the family chose our Natural 42mm pile grass which has a mixture of fibres going in all different directions. This gives it its meadow-like, natural look and gave their garden the new lease of life it needed. A very long life with the new base work adjustments so the family can enjoy without a worry.

Artificial Grass Replacement

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