Our Puppy Destroyed our Garden.

Artificial grass installed in garden for puppy.



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Our new puppy had destroyed our garden but now you wouldn’t even be able to tell!

A furry new addition to this family from Alsager had wreaked havoc on the garden, destroying the lawn and everything else in sight. But how could they be mad, after all, they were just doing what puppies do. Unfortunately for the family, their well-kept garden was no more, and other options needed to be considered if they ever wanted it back. This is how artificial grass came to mind and they got in touch to find out more about how it is with dogs.

Seeing online that all our grasses are pet friendly, the family were interested to know more. After conversations with our team and a site survey, the family decided that artificial grass was the perfect solution for them. They chose to have our 30mm pile, Delamere grass installed with its C-shape fibre and spring-back technology, it was without a doubt the best choice. No matter how much playtime their pup had, the garden never stops looking as good as the day it was installed.

Having trouble keeping your garden nice with your new furry friend? Have no fear, get in touch with our team of artificial grass experts to find out more about our pet-friendly grasses.