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Artificial grass transformed our muddy lawn into a safe and clean outdoor play area.  

Do your kids love to play in the garden? Do they come back covered in mud? Well, you aren’t alone. Families across the UK spend most of the time, in the garden playing with their children. It’s a wonderful time to bond and get your children away from the screens that consume their generation. However, it’s not always as simple as that. The UK can suffer from prolonged period of heavy rain and cold temperatures. Making your own personal outdoor play area, a dirty swamp… not what you want to be spending time in. 

This family in Cheadle Hulme, was on the hunt for an easy, low maintenance replacement for their lawn. They wanted to give the kids a safer, cleaner outdoor play area to play on until till their hearts content. They found that in the winter they often had to restrict their children from playing in the garden because it got too muddy and unsafe. Enough was enough and the family got contacted us to talk about artificial grass.  

Our Chatsworth, 28mm pile grass was the perfect choice. It’s got a 28mm pile height, which means it’s not too tall for kids to trip on, but it still has enough of a cushion to keep them safe when they fell. The family loves how easy it is to maintain—they can just hose it off when it gets dirty, rather than having to mow or weed-whack like they used to do with their old lawn. Plus, the colour blends right into the natural environment so you don’t even notice that it’s artificial! 

Turning your garden into the perfect outdoor play area… contact us to found out how artificial can work. 



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