Our New Build Came With New Problems.

New build garden with artificial grass.



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New Build

This family from Chester had recently moved into a new build property. The home had a beautifully finished interior however, the garden was the last thing on the builders’ minds. Lawns are suffering due to the number of short cuts being taken by building contractors to speed up the process of forming new housing developments. In this particular new build home, the outside area wasn’t up to scratch. The lawn had been laid over clay-like substances, with little to no nutrients for the grass to absorb and form. Due to this, the grass did not grow in parts, and the family were left with muddy patches.

Finally, the family decided to look at alternative methods to achieve the perfect lawn, after multiple failed attempts of replanting seeds and replacing the lawn. During their time looking into artificial grass, they came across our company and started to ask all about our work. Overall, they were happy with the answers we gave and as a result, we came out and provided our unique installation service. The family chose our 25mm pile, Balmoral artificial grass option, which has transformed the area. It has given them a luscious, vibrant garden for them to relish in, all year round. Finally, there is no more hassle trying to fix the lawn and they are now able to use that time to enjoy their garden and play with their brand-new puppy!

New build garden with artificial grass.

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